Dog Accessories for RV Camping

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You cannot always leave your best buddy at home every time you go outside for camping or trips just because they may ruin your trip. If you give proper attention to details, you can find out that taking your furry friend can make your trip more enjoyable and unforgettable, which will also give your dog enjoyment as well.

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All you need to do is make a list of a few things that you may need to take care of your dog, and you’re good to go. We have gathered some information about dog accessories for RV camping and came up with a list that contains all the essential accessories your dog may require on the camping. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means we may promote and supply links to products on and earn a commission for any resulting sales made. This comes at no extra cost to you.

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1.Collapsible Dog Bowl

The first thing that a dog will ask for is food and serving them a dog bowl for food and water is necessary. Buying a regular bowl will not be enough as it covers space.

As you know, during trips or camping you need to take a lot of stuff with you. In that case, you need to save space in every case.

That’s why a collapsible dog bowl can be more helpful as it can be folded, making a small size to save storage. Also, it can easily be stored in any corner of your RV, making everything more comfortable.

2.Leash and Collar

You can’t leave your dog open outside the home as there are chances of getting lost if not well trained. In that case, a leash is necessary that can keep the dog connected with the owner and don’t let them go away.

In addition to the leash, the collar can also be a beneficial thing as it gives the dog feelings of being tightened and keeps them around you.

Buying a regular collar cannot be helpful as you have to go outside in the forest or elsewhere where there are chances of getting lost in the dark. A reflective collar that shines brightly in the dark is beneficial to track your dog.

3.Pet Monitoring Camera

If you want to give your dog some freedom, you surely can only when you have a monitoring camera.

You can place the camera around your camp, on the RV, at a certain height, probably on a tree where you can have a good angle and wide range to view.

In that case, you can have an eye on your dog and let them freely enjoy but only in a certain range which will be the camera’s range. Otherwise, on losing sight, your dog may get lost somewhere in the forest, which becomes hard to find.

4.Outdoor Bathing Tools

You are not sure that your dog will remain clean for three days or one week of RV camping. That’s why you need a full backup which includes keeping all the outside bathing tools with you.

It includes dog shampoo, dog shower, towel, comb, etc., that can help clean your dog anytime they get dirty.

All you need to do is arrange a water tank that you must already have in the RV for your personal use, or you can go near a lake where you can have water to give a proper bath using a shower and shampoo. Using a towel to dry them and comb them can make them look nice.

5.Elevated Dog Bed

Not all dogs are used to sleeping on the floor or ground where the surface is hard and rough, along with being muddy. In that case, you need to buy an elevated dog bed that can keep the dog off the ground.

It will not only help them give proper sleep but also a place where they can get fresh air. The bed can also help in keeping the dog clean and away from bugs.

Most importantly, make sure to get the collapsible elevated dog bed that can easily be stored ported on your RV. Buying all the foldable essentials is much necessary for making enough room for as many accessories as possible that you can carry to make the journey unforgettable.

6.Dog Life Jacket

It’s not possible that you go camping and don’t enjoy the water in the lakes or near beaches. In that case, you’ll not stop your dog from enjoying the same water that you are enjoying.

What’s more important is your dog’s safety that can be secured using a dog life jacket. It won’t let your dog drown if well used. The life jacket ensures your dog’s safety by keeping its head above the water.

So, it’s another one of the most essential dog accessories for RV camping that can not only make your experience better but also save your dog.

7.Dog Toys

You will never let your dog miss home, and in that case, bringing their favorite toys is necessary. Dogs don’t know if they are home or not but what they do know is they need to play with their toys every time they get bored.

In that case, bring one of your favorite toys, as you cannot bring all of them together because of low storage in the RV. As we know, dogs love bones, and toys are made like bones.

So, bring the one that attracts them as it will not only make them playful but will give you a free time as well to enjoy with your partner. Not all dogs love the same toys, so we recommend choosing the one that your dog loves.

8.Dog Cooling Mats

Since you have to go outside the home, somewhere in the forest, near beaches, or on mountains, where temperature can be high. In this situation, you may deal with the heat, but your dog, who has a thick coat, may suffer a lot.

So, you need to keep your dog hydrated and cool. In that case, using a dog cooling mat can be helpful as it prevents dehydration and overheating, which may make your dog sick.

The mat is designed to take for traveling purposes as it is foldable and can be rolled into a small shape. All the dog accessories for RV camping that are collapsible are worth carrying as they take less space. So, consider taking it in your RV only if you feel that your dog may get heat and need to calm down.

9.Dog Fence

The first way to keep your dog attached is using a dog leash and collar. If your dog is not comfortable using those tools, you always have another option.

Using a dog fence can also be helpful as it keeps the dog limited in a specific area. These are mostly used for puppies rather than big dogs. So, if you have one, consider taking a dog fence with you.

Again, the most important factor to consider is buying a collapsible dog fence that can save more storage. Otherwise, a non-collapsible fence will not be easy to port and may cause trouble. So, it can be another productive tool to carry along with other dog accessories for RV camping.

10.First Aid Kit

Your dog may get hurt on the trip as you have to go through different paths that are risky sometimes. In that case, you cannot go to the hospital quickly, and carrying a first aid kit may reduce the damage and, in some cases, save a life.

That’s why carrying a first aid kit is so important for you and your best buddy. It may contain bandages, pads, tick remover, and all the necessary equipment that can help. It can be the last thing to carry but not the least as its importance is more than all the dog accessories for RV camping.


Can You Leave Your Dog In An RV While Camping?

Yes, it’s absolutely fine to leave your dog in the RV only when your dog is trained not to leave the RV, and you have a monitoring camera as well. Also, you shouldn’t leave the RV’s engine running, or windows closed as it may cause suffocation.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking When Camping?

First, you need to train your dog, which may take more time and effort. If you want quick results, you can use an anti-barking device every time your dog barks as it is safe to use and recommended by pet experts and veterinarians.

Should I Take My Dog’s Collar Off At Night?

Taking a dog’s collar off can be a big relief, and you should definitely give your dog relief at night. Make sure your dog is trained enough to not leave the RV or area around it. Most dogs are afraid of the dark and don’t leave their parents during nighttime, so we recommend taking the dog’s collar off at night.

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Final Thoughts

You need to carry everything that you may need at RV camping to make your journey memorable. Besides, you need to take your dog’s accessories as well to make their journey enjoyable. In that case, bringing dog accessories for RV camping is helpful as it may reduce the number of efforts you would take in other cases. You can totally rely on your picked-up tools because they are gathered from the most used tools list. If you have a special case with your dog, you can choose relevant tools as well.

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