Working from Home with Your Dog

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Working from home is a convenient option for many employees, but sometimes your dog may make it challenging. They may interrupt you throughout the work or during important meetings. The dog may force you to play with them, take them out, or feed them while you’re trying hard to focus on your work.

In that situation, you can stress out due to the continuous distraction from your work by the dog. What’s helpful in this case is if you come up with solutions to manage your work while keeping your dog satisfied too.

We totally covered you here and came up with some of the most helpful tips that can help you go through such difficult situations, so you can focus better on your work. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means we may promote and supply links to products on and earn a commission for any resulting sales made. This comes at no extra cost to you.

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Start your day by taking your dog for running, walking, or exercising. You must have already been following your exercise routine but take your dog too. It can help you focus on your work besides giving yourself physical fitness and enhanced mental health.

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At the same time, your dog will be energetic, healthy, and active throughout the day. As a result, they will be playing outside in the yard while you’re working in the room. So exercise can play a major role in keeping your dog away, playing, so you can focus on work to maintain your work productivity.

Set A Routine

Set a routine, so your dog knows when you’ll be busy at work and not disturb you at that particular time. If you’ve scheduled playtime outside the home in the yard or sleeping time, you can get free time to focus on the work.

At the same time, your dog will know too that it’s time to do a particular thing that he always follows throughout the week. This way, you can be independent for work while keeping your dog busy according to your daily routine. Otherwise, no routine can make it challenging for you to understand your dog that it’s important for you to work first.

Keep Your Friend Engaged

The best way to make yourself available for work-from-home situations is to keep your dog busy. There are tons of ways to do that. Get them dog toys — they love toys and will play for hours. For instance, engaging toys that throw treats as well can be helpful in keeping them busy the entire day.

Furthermore, you can set indoor games where they can play, like getting them a dog house. Dogs love to get such toys where they can sleep or take long naps. They also love to have a separate place to spend a few hours. Those few hours can be beneficial for you to focus on work. 

Do Not Overfeed

Feeding right before important meetings so they can’t interrupt is the best approach. But overfeeding can make it even worse. First, it’s never healthy to overfeed the dog because it leaves bad impacts on the health. For instance, it can lead to being overweight, and the major cause of obesity is overfeeding.

Furthermore, when it comes to interruption during work due to overfeeding, your dog may need serious attention because it can make the stomach unhealthy. As a result, the dog may need to urinate or visit the toilet frequently. So, you would be more engaged in making your dog relaxed than focusing on your work.

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Dog-Droof Your Office

You may have scattered things in your office, like accessories, papers, files, and more. So, start with organizing the office, which includes keeping everything at a far distance from your dog. Make sure they are at a place where your dog doesn’t have access. Otherwise, at the right time, you may not find the important files, folders, or writing tools.

At the same time, your dog may chew some of your office equipment, which can lead to severe health issues. Like, chewing paper is never healthy and can cause severe stomach problems. Also, keep the wires like computer charger, wires connecting monitor, speakers, etc., organized and protected from the dog. Because the dogs may bite them and end up having severe electrical shocks.

Offer A Separate Space To Your Dog

Cats love private space, so do the dogs. They love to play in hidden places where no one has access. It can be a private place to take long naps too. That’s why it’s important to provide them with space. To do so, you can buy them dog houses.

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So when you have to work or attend important meetings, you can navigate them to their small house where they love to spend quality time alone. It can be helpful for them to spend some time alone and good for you too, so you can focus at work. Don’t forget to leave some dog treats and toys in their house.

Reward Good Behavior

There’s nothing more appreciating practice than to reward your dog with some treats on dog behavior. It motivates and trains them on doing more such behaviors. For instance, if you ask your dog to go away so you can complete your project and they actually go away, don’t forget to reward them with some of their favorite foods.

Since the purpose is to reward your dog with something attractive for their good behavior, try to reward them with acts that can help you work from home. For instance, if you give them toys while you’re working or ask them to stay relaxed and don’t interrupt, these are helpful acts. In that case, encourage them, so they keep doing more activities like that which can help you achieve your work goals.

Socialize With Your Dog

When following the work-from-home routine, you might become more busy than usual. As a result, you can’t give enough time to your dog. For instance, you have time for your dog when coming from the office. But when doing work at home, you may forget this routine.

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As a result, your dog can feel alone, which always leads to depression and anxiety, the same as humans. So, come up with a healthy routine where you can be social with your dog too, besides giving proper time to your work. As a result, you can have some quality time together, and work from home routine would not affect your dog’s health.

Don’t Fall For Their Whining

Dogs know how to get their parents’ attention, and they come up with cute, sad faces or try whining. In that case, they can often whine while you’re working on getting your attention. In that case, we recommend never falling for their whining. Even though it can make you feel bad, try not to fall for it.

Because if you fall for their whining for a single time, you will know how to get your attention and follow this practice quite often. As a result, you’ll indirectly help to make a bad habit, which can cause you serious troubles in the future. So, don’t feel bad for them while they are whining because they only act to get your attention.

Do Obedience Training

Try to teach your puppies to act like sit, be quiet, stop, go away. These small acts can be so helpful when you’re working from home. If your dog really responds to these words, consider yourself lucky. For instance, you can say stop to your dog when he’s trying to continuously tap on your computer’s keyboard.

In that case, don’t forget to encourage them with dog treats. When getting a puppy, make sure you start obedience training because it’s going to help you a lot in the future, especially in the pandemic when you’ve to take office work to your home. Remember, obedience training is a lot easier when you’re motivating them with rewards like treats.

Bonus Tips

Set Specified Playtime

When setting specific playtime for your dog, they know when it’s time to play and when it’s not. It’s best practice to tell them that you’re busy and they have to wait for the playtime. Meanwhile, you can provide toys, so until playtime, they can keep themselves engaged.

Moreover, playing helps them enhance their physical strength and utilize the food. So, make sure you set playtime a few hours before your work timings. This way, when they get tired of playing, they can go to sleep and won’t disturb you in any way. It’s one of the techniques to keep your dog satisfied while helping yourself work from home.

Potty Train Your Dog

Last but not least, potty train your dog. It might sound weird and totally irrelevant to working from home, but when you get to the point, you can understand its importance. Let’s suppose you’re busy in an important meeting and your dog has to urinate. In that case, you have to take them to the urination spot first and leave the meeting.

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On the other hand, if you’ve already trained your dog for this kind of situation, they won’t interrupt you and go by themselves. That’s how this technique works in giving you relief during work time.

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