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You don’t have to leave your dog at home every time you travel or visit different places just because your dog is not trained enough to travel with you inside the car. In this situation, you can take some safety measures for dog car safety to ensure maximum protection so your dog can have fun along with you.

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That’s why we came up with the tips to keep your dog safe inside the car when you are driving. The tips include using different tools that can help make your dog restricted in the specific area to keep them safe. The tips are different for various dogs, and you can adopt any of these according to the situation and nature of your dog. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means we may promote and supply links to products on and earn a commission for any resulting sales made. This comes at no extra cost to you.

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1.Use a Dog Harness Seat Belt

A dog harness seat belt is one of the most important dog car safety tools, which keeps the dog restricted in a specific area. It prevents from hitting the front seat, windows, or anything else due to sharp brakes or sudden turns.

Also, you can let the window open so your dog can enjoy the outside view and get fresh air. In that case, you might be afraid of your dog jumping out when you’re driving. In this situation, the seat belt dog harness plays its role and keeps the dog attached to the seat and never lets them jump outside.

Furthermore, make sure to get the dog harness that can be stretched and has a flexibility feature as it is more relaxing and gives the dog easy movement inside the car and between the front and back seats.

2.Leave the Dog in the Crate

A dog crate is another necessary tool that you can use if you are not going for a dog harness seat belt. In case you have a small dog or puppy who doesn’t like harnesses very much, you can cooperate with the dog and buy a dog crate.

It can also be a good tool for dog car safety purposes as it keeps the dog confined into a more restricted area than a seat belt harness. All you need to do is put the dog in the crate and close the zipper.

Make sure to attach the crate with the seat; otherwise, the purpose of using the crate will die, and on applying sudden brakes or sharp turns, the crate will fall from the seat and harm the dog.Choose the crate that lets the fresh air inside it and has good ventilation. Also, the crate should have see-through material, so your dog can also enjoy you when driving or outside view.

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3.Get a Plush Carry Box

Getting a plush carry box can also be a beneficial dog car safety measure to ensure your dog’s protection. Most of the time, you want to keep your dog in the front seat, so you can have one eye on the dog when driving and one eye on the road.

In that case, there are chances of disturbance that can be caused by your dog if you let them sit on the front seat. It happens mostly when you have a puppy who’s not well trained, leaves the seat, and wanders in the leg area.

In this situation, a plush carry box that is firmly attached to the front seat and placed over it can be very helpful.You can put the dog in the box and let them enjoy the view on the road and see you as well. The sides of the carry box are high enough to prevent your dog from coming out but short enough to let them enjoy the view.

4.Fit a Back Seat Hammock

If you want to restrict your dog and let them free at the same time while taking the dog car safety precautions, a back seat hammock can be the best choice. The seat hammock is especially for big dogs that cannot be confined in the small carry box and dog crates.

In that case, buying a back seat hammock is a great decision. The hammock is attached between the front and back seat, making the entire place like a giant comfortable bed, which lets the dog enjoy the freedom and outside view through windows.

It prevents the dog from entering the front seat area, jumping outside the windows, and hitting the back of the front side due to sharp turns and sudden brakes. Its surface is comfortable yet rough to prevent the slip that causes when sitting on the new seats. Besides protecting your dog, the back seat hammock is a great tool to protect your new seats from dog bites, scratches, and spills.

5.Set Up a Back Seat Barrier

If your dog is a good boy and well trained but keeps entering the front seat area through a gap between the front two seats.

In this situation, a back seat barrier that is attached between the front two seats can be a great tool to offer your dog protection. The barrier won’t let your dog leave the back seat area and enter the front seat area.

As there’s a gear handle in that area which is a sensitive part when driving and needs to be far from your dog. That’s why the back seat barrier is designed to keep your dog restricted on the backside.


Pro Tip — Train Your Dog

You can try all of the above tips to offer dog protection, but it won’t be long-term. So, you need to train your dog as well besides using these dog car safety tools. If your dog is trained to sit properly on the seat, doesn’t bother you when driving, and doesn’t jump outside the window, using these tools will be extra protection.

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Final Thoughts

Your dog might miss you a lot every time you leave them alone in the home only because they are not trained enough to be safe inside the car. So, you have to step up and make a safe situation so both of you can travel together and enjoy the moments.

Following our precautions can help you a lot in making your dog safe inside the car. We came up with these precautions after thorough research based on the experiences and case studies of different dog parents.

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