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If your cat isn’t getting more physical activities and you are looking for games to play with your indoor cat, we have some great ideas for you. We came up with the games that you can play with your cat inside the house by spending a small amount of money and, in some cases, no money at all.

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The games are super easy to play, your cat will love the games, and in the end, you’ll have a great time playing together. The games are chosen based on the cat’s interest in playing these games and the outcome you’ll get in the shape of giving a good exercise to your cat. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means we may promote and supply links to products on and earn a commission for any resulting sales made. This comes at no extra cost to you.

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1.Feather and String

This could be one of the cheapest games to play with your indoor cat as it involves a feather and string. All you need to get is a string and feather attached to one end. You have to hold the string at one end and move the feather to the other end.

The game is super easy to play and understand by your cat as well. Entice your cat by moving the feather attached to the string around the cat, or you can touch the feather as well. It will attract the cat, and your cat will disparately follow the feather.

Make sure to play this game in the bigger room so both of you can easily move around the room as it demands more movement and energy from your cat. Once the cat wants to get the feather, keep the feather pulling away from the cat and let the cat chase.

2.Electric Flopping Fish

People choose balls to fetch the cat, but nothing could be more attractive than a fish for a cat. As we already know, cats love fish and would do anything to fetch a fish rather than an ordinary ball. Bringing a ball can be more entertaining for a dog, but when it comes to the cat, they love the fish.

That’s why we came up with a fetching toy, electric flopping fish. It can be the best game to play with your indoor cat as it is very entertaining and involves an electric fish that acts and moves her body like a real fish, so your cat won’t feel the difference.

Fetch your dog this electric flopping fish in a bowl and let her play for hours. The fish will keep moving, and your cat will keep catching in her paws and mouth until it stops moving. This is how you can keep your cat engaged in an entertaining activity.

3.Tunnel Games

As you know, cats love to hide, and if you give her a tunnel to play hiding games, it would be a great gift for her. That’s why we came up with a cat toy tunnel, which is long in size and offers a wide area for your cat to hide inside it.

The tunnel has two cubes on both ends that add to the entertainment and act as two homes for the cat. It is collapsible and can be folded into a small size, which is quite helpful as it can easily be store. When expended, it forms a long tunnel, spread on a wide area to offer your cat more space to play.

The cat will enter from one side of the tunnel and exit on the other side. Most probably, the cat will take naps inside the tunnel and remain underground for hours.

4.Laser and Treat

You might not have heard much about this game, but it’s too much fun to play and gives your cat proper physical exercise. All you need to do is get a laser toy that can be used for cats and dogs; it’s good news if you have a dog as well.

If you have not heard about it and didn’t try it either, you should know that cats love to follow the laser dot. They are so curious to touch the dot and will follow it no matter what. You can move the laser all over your house, and the cat will desperately follow it. The thing which makes a cat curious is they can’t touch the laser dot, which keeps them engaged.

The good thing is you don’t have to move around while playing; this can be one of the laziest games to play with your indoor cat. You can place treats in different places and, using a laser beam, bring the cat to each treat and let them eat by turning off the laser.1-800-PetMeds

5.Cat Toy Balls

Cat toy balls are a great toy to keep your cat busy inside the home to avoid ruining your furniture or carpet. It is small in size, which means it doesn’t take much space but is equipped with a ball that rolls inside it.

The game is very entertaining and will keep your cat engaged inside the house. As the ball is equipped inside the toy, your cat will hit it with her paw and try to take it out, but it won’t come off. The ball keeps rolling inside the toy, and your cat will keep following the ball around the toy.

It contains beautiful, differently colored small balls that come in multiple colors toys to attract your cat and makes it the best game to play with your indoor cat.

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Final Words

Cats are one of the laziest pets who love to take naps and stare at things for a long time. But it can’t be healthy as there’s no physical activity involved. Being a caring parent, you have to step up and set up games to play with your indoor cat that can give your cat some physical and mental movements.

It will not only improve your cat’s mental and physical health but in the end, both of you would be spending a great time together. Parents love it when their cats are attached to them, and playing these games can make that happen.

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