Cat's Breath Smells Like Fish

Cat’s Breath Smells Like Fish. What Gives? Leave a comment

Cat’s bad breath smells can be very unpleasant, and you might wonder why cat breath smells like fish. It is not natural and requires more analysis if you observe your cat’s breath emitting a strong, unpleasant smell.

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Continuous bad breath in a cat may be related to a range of health issues. In reality, nearly 75 percent of cats over the age of three have a dental illness, and smelly breath is typically one of the first indicators noted by pet owners.

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Why Cat’s Breath Smells Like Fish?

At any stage, most cats can suffer from fishy breath. Bacteria in the cat’s saliva cause several bad breath cases that can be handled easily by brushing the cat’s teeth and gums. It is achieved by scraping the plaque and tartar accumulation in the mouth of your cat. Why does the cat’s breath smell like fish, then? Let’s discuss.

Dental Disease

The origin of your cat’s bad breath would most definitely be odor-producing bacteria building up in your cat’s mouth. If not handled, saliva and bacteria develop plaque that can then mineralize and become tartar, which may contribute to an inflammation of the teeth’ supportive tissues, a periodontal condition.

Excessive brownish tartar, drooling or trouble feeding, plus inflamed gums are indications that your cat has a dental infection that your veterinarian can treat.


Dietary concerns with foods such as fish or liver-based additives that lead to the scent may contribute to foul-smelling breath. Cats may even unintentionally chew on foreign items such as rubber strings, resulting in the mouth becoming lodged with debris. However, this is a simple issue to address. Changing what you feed them is all you need to do.

Gingivitis And Stomatitis

The inflammation of the gums is called gingivitis. The inflammation of the mucous linings of the mouth is called stomatitis. Cats, typically attributable to dental infection but often due to other microbes, diseases, or allergies, are vulnerable to acquiring these disorders. If your cat wants more tests to screen for illnesses such as FIV(Feline immunodeficiency virus) and Calicivirus, your vet will tell you.

Metabolic Diseases

Bad breath, often, is more than even bad oral health. In less frequent instances, extreme internal disorders such as kidney disease, particularly in elderly cats, could be the red flag. A build-up of toxins in the blood can contribute to bad breath when your cat’s kidneys become overloaded and can no longer detoxify effectively. Diabetes and liver disease have some disorders that may induce foul breath.

Other Causes Of Bad Fishy Cat Breath

There could be more serious concerns that need to be analyzed. When you have washed your cat’s teeth and the scent of bad breath remains, it is likely to be a symptom of a dental disorder or a more severe infection than plaque and tartar-induced bad fishy breath.

It has been accepted that bad cat breath is correlated with intestinal or organ issues such as kidney or liver failure. Of course, a vet would be able to look at the causes in greater detail and ideally fix the concern.

Some signs to watch out for in more severe sickness, other than bad breath, include weight loss, frequent hair licking, and appearing simply lethargic.

The truth is that most cat owners realize when their cat is doing something wrong. Bad breath itself is undoubtedly little to think about and is more definitely attributed to plaque deposition.

What Can I Give My Cat For Smelly Breath?

Vets would search for any obstructions, accidents, or infections. Although you might wish to offer human toothpaste to your cat, this is not advised since it is not intended to be eaten. Often, cats don’t like forcefully getting their mouths pried open.

Semi-annual cleaning and polishing of the teeth, gums, and mouth of your cat are recommended. Veterinarians could give same-day blood tests and general anesthetic tooth cleaning to separate tartar, plaque, and abscesses. If a significant oral condition is at fault, extracting the tooth might be appropriate.

Top Tips To Prevent Bad Cat Breath

  • Making sure you send your cat to your nearest clinic for a yearly health check. When issues are detected sooner, it would be simpler and quicker to handle them. Daily checkups are a perfect opportunity to find concerns early to avoid a lot of grief and expense for your pets and you.
  • For your cat, develop an excellent dental regimen to get them accustomed to brushing their teeth and gums. Ideally, as they would be simpler to work with, start while they are kittens. It can be trickier for adult cats but stay with it and bribe them to make life simpler.
  • Ensure that you have a healthy balanced diet for your cat, with both dry food and wet food. Dry food will help keep the teeth of your cats clean.
  • Prevention is often easier than treatment but keeps an eye on your cats’ dental health and responds fast if you are nervous with something suspicious or unexpected behavioral adjustments at all.

Cat Bad Breath Home Remedy

Bad breath is such a chronic occurrence that there are widespread home remedies. There are plenty of things for bad cat breath that is offered over the counter. The Veterinary Oral Health Council has a list of licensed items that are regularly revised for cats. 

Some additives to water are not suitable for cats, and sugar and preservatives are growing to be filled in treats. It’s better to get a product that you realize is going to function and is safe.

Water Additive

Never use some water additive that is created for dogs or people. Speak to the veterinarian and make sure that you have a medication that’s healthy for cats. Water additives on your cat’s teeth will break down bacteria and plaque.

Flavorless formulations perform the best and can be applied to the water bowl of your cat. Follow the package guidance closely to maintain your cat’s healthy breath and teeth clean; this needs to be an ongoing task.

Brush Teeth

Cats like to get their teeth brushed, much like humans. You should send them to a specialist or manage things on your own.  Try to touch your cat’s teeth and gums and open its mouth for fun so that it gets used to you touching that area.

Try using a brush and paste, then remember to be careful and do not force the issue. You don’t want to confuse your cat when you’re brushing her teeth.

The usage of a toothbrush designed for cats is essential. Often, make sure to use vet-approved toothpaste and never use human toothpaste. The object of our toothpaste is to spit out when cats have to swallow theirs.

If you like, after giving some good reinforcement, you should reward your cat with a treat, and many cats would love the affection they get from their owner and like the taste of toothpaste.

If cleaning teeth becomes hard, gel solutions can be applied with a cotton swab or use oral sprays to the gum line where the teeth and gum meet.

Diet Change

The putrid breath may be induced by diets rich in fish and liver. There are some safe products online for sale that provide solutions for bad breath.

Lemon Juice

It is an additive to normal water that nearly everybody has at home. Acidity in lemon juice can help to neutralize cats’ foul odor of bad breath. You want to use fresh lemon juice with no added sugar for this reason. Only apply a couple of drops to the water bowl for your cat. Now it can help heal the breath while your cat drinks.

Bad Breath Treats

Another home cure for bad cat breath is the use of bad breath treats. Any bad breath treat is offered at most pet shops. These tiny treats can be high in preservatives and sugar, so be sure to verify the ingredients. The best are often organic ones.

These treats are designed to help relieve bad breath. When your cat has an underlying medical problem that triggers foul breath, you can only get fleeting comfort from the treats.

Chew Toys

While chewing toys are more familiar with dogs, they are still valid for cats. Chew toys also help cats break down bacteria on their teeth, in addition to having some healthy playtime. They cause a cat to chew and gnaw at it, helping to clean the teeth. It makes it more difficult for the deposition to accumulate and form tartar.


Due to its order-removing properties, parsley provides a perfect cure for a cat with bad breath. So many bad breath cats treat use parsley as an ingredient to counteract foul breath.

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Fishy breath in a cat is not friendly to any cat owner, well, most cats are going to get a slight fishy breath, and that’s all right; it’s natural for this to happen. But it’s time to take action and seek professional assistance if it gets very intense and noticeable.

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