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As a pet parent, you never know how much it will cost for your pet health each month. That’s why you can’t rely on your monthly budget either because this cost might be ignorable in one month and not payable in the next month. In this situation, purchasing pet health insurance is a good decision.

Again, pet health insurance costs a lot of money with hidden charges and extra fees. Most of the time, you’re paying more than what you need for your pet’s health expenses. In that case, Eusoh pet insurance, that works completely different from a typical insurance company and benefits in many ways.

Let’s go into details about Eusoh pet insurance and see how it can benefit you.

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What Is Eusoh?

If you’re wondering if Eusoh is a pet insurance company, then you’re completely wrong. However, it works slightly differently than insurance companies, but it’s rather considered an insurance alternative. More precisely, it’s a community where pet parents share funds to help each other in paying expenses of their pet’s medical costs, such as illness, wellness, and routine care medical expenses.

You might be wondering how it differs when you’ve to pay money. The answer is clear that you don’t have to monthly pay a specific amount like an insurance company collects — it doesn’t matter if your pet gets sick or not. Their profit keeps increasing with your monthly payments.

However, in this case, the money doesn’t increase the company’s profits but rather helps other members of the community by paying their pet’s medical expenses. If someone’s expenses increase their monthly subscription fees, the additional amount is paid by the other members of the company.

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How Does Eusoh Pet Insurance Work?

Eusoh features an easy-to-follow procedure that requires the creation of an account on their website. Once you’ve opened the account, you need to wait for 30 more days before you claim anything. What’s great about this insurance, you can register multiple pets as well.

After 30 days, you can visit the vets and have to pay their bills. That bill will be refunded by the company members’ total fees from the insurance. Your bill will also be verified by other members as everyone knows the costs of medical expenses. Also, you can only claim against the medical expenses listed on the website.

The community is divided into groups based on the pets and other requirements. Each group is responsible for its own member’s expenses. If the total expenses exceed, more members are added to meet the required money. Remember, you’ll be responsible for an annual deductible of $250 and 20% of all vet bill costs. However, you can get a maximum of $8500 yearly reimbursement.

Why Buy Pet Insurance?

No matter how good care you provide to your pet, there are always chances of getting sick for no clear reason. In that case, you end up paying a lot of money to vets. So, like humans, pets also cost money when paying vets’ fees, medical bills, and more. In the case of pets, you might be paying a lot more money than humans.

That’s why it’s important to buy some kind of pet insurance where you have to pay a small amount each month and get reimbursement in a big amount when needed. It gives you peace of mind while taking care of your pet, and also the budget is divided each month equally regardless of your pet’s health.

Otherwise, when not purchasing prescribe pet insurance, your entire month’s budget may disturb because your pet isn’t feeling good. You might not manage that month’s budget and end up not paying rent bills. While buying pet insurance, we highly recommend Eusoh pet insurance because they work a lot differently and cost less money. They don’t care about profit and instead are pet parent satisfaction oriented.

What Do You Need To Know For Eusoh Pet Insurance?

There’s a lot you must know about Eusoh pet insurance before making a final decision. It’s important because you might not need this insurance after knowing the details or might desperately need this. So, which category you fall into can be decided after going through these details.

  • Pricing: The membership for one pet is $17 per month. If you have more than one pet, you will have to pay a membership fee for each pet, but $10 per month will be reduced.
  • Eusoh Pet Policy Covers: Since Eusoh pet insurance is not exactly typical insurance that costs more money and hence pays all bills. In this case, you can get reimbursement for limited bills only and explicitly related to health. Here’s a list:
  • Wellness Care
  • Surgeries
  • Prescribed Medications
  • Alternative Treatments
  • Cancer
  • Annual Check-ups
  • Injuries
  • Illness
  • Hereditary Conditions
  • Congenital Conditions
  • Waiting Periods: Once you’ve created an account on the Eusoh pet insurance, you will have to wait for at least 30 days before you can make a pet visit. Also, on making a vet visit and paying all the money, you must need at least 30 days to get the money back. This might be a longer period for many pets, but it’s part of the policy.
  • Claim Limits: Claiming amount from this community is the same as getting reimbursement from an ordinary insurance company. All you need to do is pay the vets and upload the receipt on the Eusoh website. The admin will review the receipt and will pay at the end of each month. The maximum limit per year is $8500, which is enough for any regular pet.
  • Medical History Review and Pre-Existing Conditions: Like a typical insurance company, this one won’t offer reimbursement for pre-existing conditions. There’s no straightforward NO for this option. The decision will be entirely on the community member. If they accept your situation, no one can cancel your membership or anything.
  • Deductibles: There are no hidden fees or charges included in deductibles, and the company officially doesn’t cost extra money. However, members are responsible for $250 out-of-pocket each year.
  • Pets Covered: You can register cats and dogs only with no maximum or minimum age limit. If you have multiple pets, you can get a discount.

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Is Eusoh Pet Insurance Worth It?

It entirely depends on the pet owner that if Eusoh pet insurance is worth buying or not. You can know its worth only by comparing it with your total cost on your pets each year and also with other regular pet insurances.

First, you need to know how much this company covers and how much you spend on your pets. Of course, you don’t know about health expenses because your pet can be healthy one year and ill the next year. But if you only have to consider health-related problems, Eusoh pet insurance is worth buying because of its lower cost and no deductibles like other companies.

However, if you want something more covered other than health only, like cosmetics and pet behavioral therapies, this isn’t recommended at all. Most pet owners only require health insurance, and in that case, it’s totally worth purchasing.

Eusoh Pet InsurancePros & Cons

Eusoh pet insurance comes with some cons and many pros at the same time. So, you have to go through each of them before you make a final decision about its purchase. That’s why we listed pros and cons, so you know both sides.


  • No Age Limit: There’s no maximum and minimum age limit required for your cat and dog to meet the criteria.
  • Offers Discounts: If you have multiple pets, there’s great news for you — you can get a discount on each new pet.
  • Comparatively More Claim: You can annually cover up to $8500 for your pets. Otherwise, a typical pet insurance company can only provide up to $2000 to $2500 each year.
  • No Hidden Charges: You need to pay a maximum of $250 out-of-pocket to keep the community running smoothly. There are no extra fees or hidden charges that you’ve to pay each month other than a monthly subscription.
  • Any Veterinarian: You’re not restricted to consult a specific vet only but instead visit any vet either cheaper or expensive. The community will verify the cost and pay for it as per the amount mentioned on the receipt.
  • Covers More Treatments: Most pet health insurance companies are bound to specific health types, such as cancer or skin-related issues. However, this one offers multiple types, as mentioned earlier.


  • Longer Waiting Period: A regular insurance company pays the dues within a few weeks, either two or three. But this one keeps you waiting for at least one month. Since the company offers more benefits, it’s worth waiting.
  • No Pre-Existing Conditions: You can’t get reimbursement for pre-existing conditions. Still, the community members will make the final decision about your pet conditions and can let you in.
  • One-Year Commitment: You can stay in your Eusoh group for at least one year, and in case you leave it before a year, you will lose your deposits.

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Who’s the owner of Eusoh pet insurance?

Eusoh is based in Beverly Hills, CA, and its banking services are provided by Evolve Bank and Trust. As the company is not like an insurance company, no one owns it. Instead, it runs by the mutual funds of community members.

Does Eusoh pet insurance cover allergy testing?

Only if the allergy is not pre-existing, the company does cover allergy testing. You will get full reimbursement after testing your pet for allergy and uploading the receipt.

Does Eusoh pet insurance cover prescribe food?

No, as long as the expenses fall under the medical category and those that are mentioned, they will be covered. The food is out of the mentioned list, and Eusoh pet insurance won’t cover it.

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Based on this review, you can easily make your final decision about purchasing this insurance or not. We can conclude that it’s the best health insurance that costs less money and pays more because of community-based groups. These groups help each other rather than making huge profits.

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