Help Your Cat Lose Weight

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Being overweight is not healthy, and it leads to serious health risks, including cancer and heart disease. At the same time, it’s challenging for a pet owner to help their cat lose weight as they can’t stop the food or push them to do exercises.

Once you’re sure that your cat is overweight, move to the next step and look for the easiest ways on how to get a cat to lose weight. We made it easy for you by enlisting the three easy steps to help your cat lose weight, and it won’t affect your cat in any way.

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How Do I Know If My Cat Is Overweight?

You can check the average weight of your cat’s breed at the same age that your cat has right now. This is the simplest method to check if your cat is overweight or not. If this is not the perfect way to determine, there’s another method that gives a precise idea about your cat’s weight.

  • Rub your hand on the cat’s ribs and feel the ribs. If there’s a little fat on the ribs and you can feel the ribs, it’s fine.
  • Try seeing your cat from different angles and notice low-hanging fat layers, which can be a sign of being overweight.
  • Again, rub your hand on the cat’s spine and feel the bone. Your cat is healthy if you can feel the bone and a little fat.
  • Last, while looking from the top, if you can see your cat’s waist, it can be a sign of being overweight.

What Are The Health Risks Of An Overweight Cat?

When your cat is overweight, they might become lazy. Being lazy is not a problem until it leads to severe health risks, including cancer and heart disease. Excessive fats increase risks for hypertension, diabetes mellitus, many types of cancer, and heart issues.

At the same time, chances are your cat may face diabetes, arthritis, urinary problems, and skin issues. So, there’s a long list of all serious health risks, and the primary cause is obesity.

How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight Safely?

It doesn’t take much effort to get weight by any pet but what’s more challenging is how to get a cat to lose weight. You can’t force your cat to not eat excessive food or push them to do things that they’re not meant to do.

In that case, we came up with three easy steps that can help your cat lose weight. Go through these steps, and you’ll safely help your cat lose weight.

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Step #1: Try Cat Weight Loss Food

You can’t stop your cat from eating too much but what’s beneficial is replacing their food with the cat weight loss food that is explicitly formulated to help the cat lose weight. We came up with three different types of food that you can try feeding your cat, and it would help a lot in losing weight in the shortest possible time.

Most canned foods contain real deboned chicken as the first ingredient besides rice, cranberries, and other fruits and vegetables.

All these ingredients are natural and perfect for any cat to lose weight. They meet nutrient needs and do not increase fat. Also, these are recommended by vets and animal nutritionists.

Dry food can be another possible thing to feed your cat if your cat isn’t comfortable with other weight-loss food.

It also consists of real chicken as the first ingredient and provides healthy weight benefits. Your cat’s body will feel more benefits as well, such as hairballs control, better vision, and more.

VetriScience is a very effective supplement that safely helps your cat lose weight as it contains a blend of active ingredients like amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for maintaining cardiovascular health in cats.

These are recommended by vets and animal nutritionists for your cat’s healthy body and safe diet.

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Step #2: Go for Regular Exercise

When feeding the right food, exercise is also important for better digestion. It helps a lot in losing fat and making the body healthy. The sole purpose is to provide physical activity, and it can be done in the following ways.

Take your cat out for a walk as it burns fat and helps reduce weight. Parents usually take dogs out for the cat, but it’s as important for the cat as the dog.

Make sure to take the cat for a walk regularly and punctually, or the results might not be helpful.

Get an automatic, interactive laser toy that throws a laser on the floor, and the cat desperately tries to catch the laser.

It helps provide proper physical activity inside the home, which helps lose weight.

Having a climbing tower is necessary in your home when you have a cat because it provides a comfortable place to sleep besides providing physical activity.

The cats jump on different shelves of the tower and keep themselves physically engaged.

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Step #3: Get Feeding Tools

The last step involves getting feeding tools for your cat, which includes a feeding ball, dispensing treat toys, water fountains, and more. All these tools help in their own way to keep the cat physically active and follow the diet. Let’s go through these tools and see how they help a cat lose weight.

Throwing a ball and then asking your cat to bring that back to you is clearly a helpful physical activity that can burn some fat.

It makes your cat do some exercise inside or outside the house. The feeding ball also throws treats to keep the cat engaged.

You can go through tons of dispensing treat toys and will find all of them helpful in providing your cat physical activity and treats simultaneously.

The treat added in the toys never adds more weight.

Not all cats drink water from the bowl, and that’s why you need a Hydration-Automatic Water Fountain.

It’s designed to keep your cat hydrated by its attractive look that compels the cat to drink water multiple times a day.

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These three steps are included after detailed research based on their effectiveness in helping a cat lose weight. After going through these easy steps, you may not wonder how to get a cat to lose weight anymore. Our compiled guide won’t cost more money and can be performed easily inside and outside the home.

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