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Not all dog food manufacturers that claim to be grain-free are healthy and safe for your dog. In this situation, you should always read about the ratio of ingredients used in dog food.

That will confirm if the food is either completely healthy or not. When going through some healthiest dog foods, we ended up with KetoNatural Dog Food.

Ketona dog food does not claim to be carb-free but rather honestly mentioned that it contains 5% carbohydrates. This ratio is absolutely safe and healthy for your dog, along with 46% more proteins than typical dog foods.

That’s why it grabs our attention, and we decided to review it for our pet parents. Let’s go through the details about KetoNatural dog food and see if it’s healthy for your dog or not.

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What Is KetoNatural Pet Food?

When people say carbs are not healthy for dogs because it leads to cancer, obesity, diabetes, and many conditions, it’s not all the carbs but its ratio in the food. As long as they’re less in the food, it’s healthy for the dog and doesn’t cause a single health issue.

Yes, when its ratio is higher and higher than all the other ingredients, it does cause all the above-mentioned health conditions.

In that case, a food that contains carbs around 5% can be the healthiest food added with other necessary minerals and proteins. This is where KetoNatural Pet Food steps in and offers around 5% carbs of food with added proteins and minerals.

What’s appreciable about them is their honesty of claim that their food does contain a low ratio of carbohydrates. Otherwise, all food manufacturers claim to have carb-free food, which is entirely impossible.

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How Does KetoNatural Pet Food Work?

Since ketona dog food contains as low as 5% carb, it’s totally healthy for the dog of any age. Besides, there’s 46% protein and 16% fat that makes 452 calories per cup, containing around 13 grams of carbohydrates and 74 grams of protein per cup. Since domestic dogs don’t have a wild lifestyle to survive on meat, low carbs are healthy.

Furthermore, real chicken, as the first ingredient in food, makes the muscles strong and fiber prevents hairball in the stomach. Besides, ketona dog food works by providing all the essential minerals and proteins required for healthy growth. Most importantly, it’s mother nature-oriented, which means the food contains more proteins and fewer carbohydrates.

Ketona Chicken Recipe Dog Food is one of the featured KetoNatural dog food that ensures your buddy gets the healthiest food made using the finest natural ingredients. It is formulated using all the natural ingredients to ensure there’s no corn, wheat, soy, rice, potato, artificial flavor, and by-product for the dog’s safety.

Moreover, the food is entirely mother nature intended while containing less than 6% carbohydrates and more than 46% proteins. The complete and balanced for optimal nutrition food is made proudly in the USA with added vitamins and minerals.

Besides, you can get the bag at a reasonable price and free delivery within the USA, making it even more budget-friendly. What’s more satisfactory is a 100% money-back guarantee if your dog is not finding the KetoNatural dog food beneficial.

Should You Feed Your Dog KetoNatural Dog Food?

Yes, you can feed your dog ketona dog food as it’s completely healthy and formulated on the concept of ket food to provide the same benefits as keto food. It means the food helps a lot by reducing weight, for better cognitive functions, and reducing diabetic and cardiovascular factors.

Moreover, only consider feeding your dog ketona food if your dog’s adult and is not suffering weight gain or lack of energy. This food is not recommended for lazy dogs or those already suffering from allergic and diabetic dogs.

What’s good in this food is low carbohydrates and no artificial flavors or fillers, such as wheat, soy, corn, and more that causes dogs serious health risks. At the same time, it’s low in sugar and high in fiber, making the diet optimal while supporting a healthy lifestyle for your dog.

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Is Keto Diet Safe for Diabetic Dogs?

It might not be safe for diabetic dogs or the ones who require insulin. However, if your vet recommends using Ketona diet food, it’s completely safe.

As the food is made using all the natural ingredients and doesn’t contain by-products or fillers either, it’s safe for dogs with any condition as long as your vet recommends it.

If your already used dog food that contains more carb ratio is recommended by vets and animal nutritionists, you can completely use this one as well.

Benefits of a Low-Carb Keto Dog Food Diet

Of course, there are many benefits of any healthy diet made using natural ingredients and doesn’t contain more carbs ratio either. At the same time, as this food also meets the healthy dog food requirements, it provides many benefits to the dog’s health. Let’s go through each benefit in detail.

  • Weight Loss: the food is mother nature-oriented and fills the dog’s tummy with less amount. As a result, it prevents overeating which is the real cause of weight gain.
  • Supports Healthy Muscles: as the food features real chicken as the number one ingredient, it provides all the minerals that support healthy muscles.
  • Fewer Carbs: carbs are never healthy for adult dogs and especially for puppies. However, a lower amount works well and makes the food optimal.
  • More Energy: 46% more proteins in the food are responsible for making the dog more active by providing relatively more energy.
  • Improved Digestion: since the food is easily digestible and features small dry kibbles, it makes it incredibly easy to digest. Hence, digestion improves automatically, which leads to a healthy immune system.
  • Better Skin and Coat: the food contains a fair amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that make the coat shiny and skin healthy.
  • No Fillers: What’s great about KetoNatural dog food is that it doesn’t contain by-products, artificial colors, flavors, and fillers, such as corn, soy, wheat, and more that makes the food entirely unhealthy.

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What Makes Ketona Dog Food the Optimal Choice?

The optimal ingredient ratio in KetoNatural dog food makes this food an optimal choice. It means the food contains fewer carbs and more proteins. The 5% carbs in the food make the entire food ratio optimal. When compared with other dry dog foods, this one contains 90% fewer carbohydrates.

Moreover, the food is manufactured in the USA exclusively by American and Canadian researchers and fishermen. This makes the food safer and more trustable. That’s why vets and animal nutritionists prefer this one over other dog food claiming to be grain-free.

Another reason that makes this food an optimal choice is its safe ingredients that don’t contain any harmful material, such as fillers, grains, soy, wheat, and artificial colors and flavors. Last, you can get the food at the best price with free delivery.

Ketona Dog Food: Pros and Cons

Overall, KetoNatural dog food is one of the safest and healthiest dry dog foods. However, there are some conditions where you shouldn’t go for this food or your dog’s safety. It’s recommended by vets and animal nutritionists, but it would be important to know the pros and cons before making a final decision.


  • Less Carbs: The food contains as little as 5% carbohydrates which are less than many grain-free dry dog foods.
  • Natural Ingredients: The food is formulated using all the finest material within the USA for added safety.
  • Best Price: It comes at a reasonable price and with free delivery.
  • More Proteins: It contains 46% more proteins to ensure it meets your dog’s body requirements.
  • Optimal Ingredients Ratio: The food comes with an optimal proportion of ingredients.
  • More Benefits: It provides numerous benefits to your dog’s health.


  • You’ve to consult your dog’s vet first for its recommendation if your dog is facing some specific condition.
  • No free delivery outside the USA.


What can I feed my dog on a ketogenic diet?

You can feed your dog a diet that is first recommended by vets and animal nutritionists. Then, it should have as less carb ratio as possible and more nutrients. So, as a result, you’ll have a healthy ketogenic diet that you can feed your dog.

Is keto dog food good for dogs?

Yes, it has the same effect on animals as it puts on humans, such as making the immune system stronger and the entire body healthy. Ketona dog food is one of the best keto dog foods that’s absolutely safe to feed your dog.

Can dogs go on a low-carb diet?

Yes, low-carb food is completely healthy, and the food that contains as low carb as possible will be considered even healthier. But there should be a small amount necessary in the food but not for puppies.

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KetoNatural dog food stands out among all the dry dog foods because of its 90% less carbs ratio in the food ingredient. That’s why we highly recommend it, and after reviewing the food, we found no side effects.

Besides, the food is offered by a well-known brand that has been providing quality food for the pet industry for a prolonged period. Ask for vet recommendations before you feed this to your younger dog, who needs no carb in the food.

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