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King Kanine is a well-known company famous for making CBD products for the pet industry. King Kalm crunch dog treat is one of their featured products formulated out of natural ingredients and fully tested by a certified ISO-17025 Lab. It comes in three different flavors: blueberry, apple cinnamon, and honey oats.

The main purpose of offering dog treats in different flavors is to put forward while conceding your pets’ liking and disliking. The dog treat is manufactured using 0% THC, and is 100% safe to use for dogs helps in reducing pain, stress, inflammation, and other physical and mental health issues.

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It is the best alternative for CBD oil, made of high-quality natural ingredients. It contains micro and macronutrients that are absolutely perfect for health. We have reviewed King Kalm Crunch dog treats of all three flavors to give you more information you need before buying them for your dog.

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What is CBD Treat?

People who are not aware of CBD usually confuse it with THC, an element that gets some high. It does not get anyone high but cures the pain and relieves the stress. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a chemical that is naturally extracted from hemp.

It includes many positive qualities such as relieving the pain, reducing inflammation, curing anxiety and depression, and also helps in increasing the quality of sleep. CBD is non-toxic and contains zero psychoactive elements that could cause any troubles, having no side effects on your pet’s health. You can take CBD as well, but mostly it is preferred for dogs suffering from stress or depression.

1.KING KALM Crunch – Blueberry

KING KALM Crunch Blueberry is a naturally formulated pet chew treat made with natural ingredients. The company claims that it is formulated by its Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist, which ensures safety.

The treat is baked slowly at a low temperature and then dehydrated to make sure its nutritional value is maintained. King Kalm crunch treat is made of eggs, sweet potato, diced apples, honey.

Flax seeds and gluten-free stone ground oat flour. Since the flavor is blueberry, many blueberries are also included in the ingredients. The packaging shows there are approximately 40 per bag.

Why Choose KING KALM Crunch – Blueberry?

If your dog loves blueberry, you can consider buying King Kalm crunch in blueberry flavor to ensure the dog takes the treat. You have other options to choose such types of a treat as well, but we recommend trying King Kalm at least once.

There are many reasons for that, and getting a safe product that will not harm your dog is one of the most important. Another one is that you will get quick results, and its impact will be for the long term rather than the short term, which happens when using other ordinary CBD dog treats.

Benefits of Using KING KALM Crunch – Blueberry

If your dog is not benefiting from any CBD dog treat, it’s not worth buying. It means the product should offer multiple advantages rather than one. First, taking CBD in any form helps in relieving pain, inflammation, aggression, skin infections, tumors, seizures, anxiety pain, and more. But it takes efforts to give your dog CBD oil directly.

That’s why inserting CBD in the form of dog treats becomes easier. Furthermore, if your dog is not taking treats either, we recommend mixing them with different flavors. That’s why King Kalm crunch with blueberry flavor helps your dog easily take the treat if the dog loves the flavor.

2.KING KALM Crunch – Apple Cinnamon

KING KALM Crunch Apple Cinnamon is another CBD formulated dog treat naturally formulated with apple cinnamon flavor. Its baking process involves slowly baking each vitamin and Omega-3 at a low temperature and then dehydrating to ensure the maintenance of nutritional value.

The ingredients include gluten-free stone ground oat flour, organic apple, turmeric, and black peppercorn. As the flavor is apple cinnamon, there’s a large number of apples and cinnamon used in its formulation.

King Kalm crunch is manufactured by the Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist of King Kanine, a well-known brand famous for making CBD products for pets.

Why Choose KING KALM Crunch – Apple Cinnamon?

If your pet loves apple cinnamon or treats that include apple cinnamon, you should buy King Kalm crunch with apple cinnamon flavor. The company claims that all these crunch treats extracted from natural hemp are tested by a certified ISO-17025 Lab. The packaging says it is extracted naturally from hemp and contains no THC.

Also, they have ensured to provide a potent dose of nutrients and necessary fatty acids with each bite required by your pet’s body. This is all you need to require before choosing King Kalm crunch, which is the assurance of natural extraction of these treats and verification of being tested by authentic authorities. King Kalm crunch treats meet these conditions efficiently.

What are the Benefits of Using KING KALM Crunch – Apple Cinnamon?

First, you’ll be so assured that the product you are choosing for your dog is absolutely safe to eat. Another benefit your dog will be getting is that there are no side effects of taking these CBD treats. King Kalm crunch apple cinnamon helps your dog reduce inflammation, depression, neurological disorders, seizures, muscle spasms, and more.

There are almost 40 treats in each bag that lasts longer, making it budget-friendly for you. The company uses appropriate methods to slowly bake easy vitamin and Omega-3 rich treats at a low temperature and then dehydrated to sustain its nutritional value needed for relieving pain.

3.KING KALM Crunch – Honey Oats

KING KALM Crunch – Honey Oats is made of eggs, almonds, turmeric, gluten-free stone ground oat flour, and black peppercorn. Since the flavor says honey oats, there’s a large amount of honey, and rolled oats are also included in its ingredients.

Each bag contains approximately 40 treats that are enough for a dog to survive for many days on a single pack. The company ensures safety by claiming its formulation of all-natural ingredients by their Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist.

The process includes slow baking of each omega-3 and vitamin at a low temperature and then dehydrating while maintaining its nutritional value. You can consider it an outstanding source of nutrients and antioxidant benefits for your pet.

Why Choose KING KALM Crunch – Honey Oats?

As a parent, you must know what flavors your pet likes and what doesn’t. So, if you are sure about liking honey oats flavor by your pet, we recommend you buying King Kalm crunch with honey oats flavor. Buying the same flavor your pet loves is important because, in other cases, your pet must not take the treat seriously, and you couldn’t treat them properly.

Overall, no matter what the flavor is, all the King Kalm crunch dog treats are extracted naturally from hemp and then formulated at a low temperature to maintain the nutritional value. You don’t know if the same process is performed by other companies, but King Kanine ensures to provide safe products that are result-oriented and doesn’t take more time.

What are the Benefits of Using KING KALM Crunch – Honey Oats?

You can buy other CBD dog treats that will work in relieving pain and stress. But you won’t be sure if there are any side effects in using those treats. Also, you are not sure about the formulation process and ingredients used. The companies also do not verify tested products in any laboratories.

When it comes to King Kalm crunch dog treats, the company tests the process and verifies it by multiple authorized laboratories. These confirmations help you trust the brand and the products manufactured by the organization. Also, it comes at an affordable price, making it cost-efficient for you and offering different flavors as well.

Are CBD Treats Safe for Dogs?

CBD treats are absolutely safe for dogs to consume as it is made of natural ingredients and the process is also verified by the authorities. You can see the noticeable effect on your pet’s health within no time. Keep in mind that the treats are different for dogs according to their age and size. So, make sure to give the dose accordingly.

Otherwise, it may have bad effects on your dog rather than reducing stress and depression. Since the sole purpose is to inhale the CBD oil, dog treats can be an efficient way to inject if your dog is not ready to take it in other ways.

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Final Words

Being a dog parent, it is your responsibility to give your dog CBD oil in different possible ways—the way your dog loves to inhale. So, trying King Kalm crunch dog treats can be another efficient way to do it, and the purpose is to offer relief from mental and physical pain. Before you visit veterinarians that cost too much money, consider these treats as they are recommended by vets and pet experts as well.

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