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If you are worried about maintaining your dog’s skin and other body parts, you must be looking for tools to keep your dog groomed. Getting various products in a single deal is the actual deal to seal because it saves your time from searching for each product.

We have come up with all the necessary management tools, including dog shredder, shampoo, soothe, and paw balm. These are all certified by the independent labs, approved by vets, and made of absolutely purely natural and non-toxic ingredients.

It comes at an affordable price and meets your dog’s skin and other body parts needs while maintaining and cleaning them.

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1.KING KOMB – Deshedding Tool


KING KOMB is the best brush to shred your dog’s hair without any hassle and all by yourself. It features an ergonomic design that is super easy to use and also fits in your hand for easy and safe shedding.

The shredder features two combs, a brush, and only fully while easy to clean comb having three stainless steel with non-cutting edge blades. The device gently removes grown hairs on the top and undercoat without hurting your dog and keeping the dog calm.

You know animal dander is one of the major causes of indoor allergies, and this shredder helps in removing the grown hairs and keeping your dog clean and the skin fresh.

Why Choose King Komb?

King Komb features easy to use design that fits perfectly in your palm. It offers gentle shredding without hurting your dog or scaring them away. Other devices can make this process complicated and painful, which hurts the dog and frightens them. That’s why the shredder is designed to offer your dog a gentle and polite process while keeping your dog at ease.

Also, it is easy to clean, which helps easy to maintain for prolonged use and increased durability. Another important factor to consider, it offers 100% risk-free shredding, and you can get a full refund as well if you don’t like the product or find any manufacturing fault.

Benefits of Using King Komb

Do you know animal dander is the major reason for causing indoor allergies? Also, it makes your dog smell bad because the cleaning process is not efficiently completed. In these situations, a shredder like King Komb helps clean your dog’s skin while keeping the germs away.

It can be used for dogs of different sizes and nearly all breeds. So, you don’t need to buy a separate shredder if you have multiple dogs. You will not need to take your dog to grooming centers as it allows easy to use the design so you can do the shedding process at home.

2.KING KLEAN-Natural Dog Shampoo

Cleaning your dog with only water is not enough to keep them away from germs that can lead to allergies and smell bad. In this situation, you need a dog shampoo for precise cleaning while taking baths every time your dog comes home dirty from outside.

King Klean Shampoo is one of the most recommended shampoos by vets and pet experts because it is made of ingredients that are safe and non-toxic. It is manufactured using natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, lemongrass, aloe vera, and rosemary oil.

The shampoo ensures to make your dog’s skin and hair cool, clean, and soft without causing any side effects.

Why Choose King Klean Shampoo?

Choosing a dog shampoo can be the easiest thing to do but selecting the right shampoo needs some research. We have saved your time by doing research work and came up with the best dog shampoo for your pet.

We recommend buying King Klean shampoo because it helps your dog in various ways. First, it is formulated out of absolutely natural, safe, and non-toxic ingredients that do not have any side effects on your pet’s skin.

Second, it ensures the most efficient and precise cleaning your dog needs after coming from outside the home. Last, the company claims to deliver quality, safety, and purity with this shampoo.

Benefits of Using King Klean Shampoo

King Klean Shampoo ensures efficient cleaning without leaving any germs behind that can cause your dog’s skin any allergy. It gently removes hard stick germs and other materials such as mud. The shampoo will not only promote your dog’s health by keeping the skin germs-free and soft.

Indirectly, the shampoo helps in maintaining hygiene which can lead to various other benefits. You don’t have to buy other shampoos if you own more than one pet, as it is designed to use for dogs of any breed. It will not only maintain your dog’s skin pH but also offers a great fragrance.

3.KING KALM-Soothe For Pets

If your dog keeps scratching them repeatedly, it’s bad news for you and needs instant action. The scratching can lead to serious allergies and infections besides making your dog sick.

In this case, you need a solution to keep your dog away from dermal abrasions, dry and cracked skin, and hot spots. We recommend buying King Kalm Dog Anti-Itch Spray that keeps your dog calm and prevents itching. It helps your dog to control the urge to scratch and lick.

Besides, it is made of pure natural and safe ingredients, including aloe vera, tea tree oil, colloidal silver, CBD oil, and chamomile. So, you don’t need to worry about any side effects caused to your dog while using this anti-itch spray.

Why Choose King Kalm Soothe?

Before buying an anti-itch spray, you might be worried about ending up with the wrong product that can cause any side effects to your dog’s health. In this situation, we came up with the best solution that helps your dog avoid the urge to lick and scratch without causing any damage to your dog.

The main reason for its safe use is that it is made of pure natural and non-toxic materials that have no bad impacts on your dog’s health. The company claims that its product is tested by famous independent labs to ensure quality, purity, and safety. It is certified by various authorities such as GMP Certified andISO-90001 Certified FDA Facility.

Benefits of Using King Kalm Anti-Itch Spray

If your dog is suffering from any skin condition such as canine scabies, you need to take serious actions to instantly cure it. In this situation, the first and foremost step you need to take is to keep your dog away from scratching. It is possible when the dog does not feel an urge to scratch or itch. Using King Kalm soothe can help your dog in avoiding scratching.

It helps in killing gram-positive and gram-negative microbes that can lead to the urge of itching. The spray also inhibits the growth of bacterial and fungal infections that can lead to itching. Last, the spray can help in reducing inflammation, promote healing, and reduce pain.

4.KING KALM – Dog Paw Balm

If your dog loves to sit and lay on hard and rough surfaces, which can hurt the paws, snout, and elbows, your dog needs King Kalm balm. It is manufactured to protect your dog’s paws from rough conditions.

The cream is absolutely safe to use as it is made of ingredients such as Manuka honey, coconut oil, natural beeswax, and other essentials oils. It keeps your dog’s skin and pads dry, soft, and smooth while protecting during sitting or running on rough and hard surfaces.

The cream is pH balanced for all dogs and puppies, so you don’t have to buy a new one for puppies. Overall, King Kalm Balm is the best solution to keep your dog’s paws smooth and safe at an affordable price.

Why Choose King Kalm Balm?

Choosing the right product for your dog can be a hectic task to do, and that’s why we came up with the one that can be beneficial for your dog without causing harmful effects. King Kalm Balm is recommended by most vets and pet excerpts that help your dog in protecting the paws from the roughest outside conditions.

It restores and hydrates your dog’s elbows, snout, and paws. Another reason to go with King Kalm balm can be its various advantages your dog will get, such as it protects from frostbite, rough terrain, hot sand, hot pavement, salt, chemicals, fleas, and yeast infection. Last, it is made of purely natural ingredients, mainly including honey and oils.

Benefits of Using King Kalm Balm

In some cases, when your dog’s paws and skin are continuously exposed or come in contact with rough surfaces such as extreme terrain, it leads to great damage to the skin and feet. In this situation, only using a balm can be a great solution to keep your dog’s paws and skin smooth, soft, healthy, and damage-free.

It prevents damage besides repairing the sore and already cracked pads. Some users wonder if it is harmful to use the balm as the dogs have habits of licking the applied cream. Don’t worry; it is made of purely natural and non-toxic substances that do not hurt your dog in any possible way.

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Once you have owned a dog, it is your absolute responsibility to take proper care of them. For this, you need some tools to keep your dog groomed and skin maintained, which helps in preventing skin and other diseases. In this case, brings everything together you need for your dog.

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