My Cat Peed On My Bed Right In Front Of Me

My Cat Peed On My Bed Right In Front Of Me. Here’s Why Leave a comment

If you wondered, why my cat peed right in front of me on my bed? Yeah, felines, for several reasons, will urinate on your bed. Make an appointment with your veterinarian right away if you notice that your cat is peeing anywhere outside of the litter box.

Your vet will check to see if your cat has a serious bladder infection or other underlying medical conditions, they will do a urinalysis and a physical exam. It’s mostly because of a health or behavioral issue that makes cats pee on the bed of their owner.

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If your cat clears all of your local vet’s tests, then there are other factors that you can consider outside of the litter box as possible causes for your cat’s urination.

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My Cat Peed On My Bed, What Does This Mean?

Here are a variety of variables that can make cats pee on your bed. Pay close attention to the actions of your cat and try to find the root of the problem.

Medical Issues

One of the reasons your feline is urinating away from the litter box may be medical conditions. Your cat may suffer from feline bladder infections and stones that may frequently cause her to urinate. Scheduling an appointment with your vet and having this checked is the safest way to handle this condition.

Litter Box

The first thing you can do is to determine the litter box’s condition itself. What does that imply? This implies that you need to ask the following questions yourself:

Is The Litter Box Cleaned Daily?

At least once a day, or every two days, you must clean the cat’s litter box. If it’s too full (or stinky) for the litter box, then it’s no wonder that your cat is seeking other potty places to go.

Is The Litter Scented?

Make sure that the litter that your cats prefer is being used, not the litter you prefer. (It’s not you, after all, who has to use it!)  Two types of brand litter are mostly produced by manufacturers: scented and unscented.

Although humans may prefer pet doo-doo odors to cover up the scented litter, the offspring’s scent may be too distracting for your cat.

Size And Location Of The Litter Box?

If your cat’s litter box is too small, it can feel the need to urinate elsewhere. Like on a lovely large bed somewhere. Often, if the litter box is not attractive to your pet, this may be a big explanation for why your cat is peeing on your bed.

Give a safer place to your pet, not too far from where it spends most of her time, and where there are no loads of foot traffic or activity going on, as this may make them nervous or uncomfortable, resulting in your cat peeing while you are away.


The litter box may also logically come under the issue of anxiety. But the anxiety-related causes that could cause your cat to pee on your bed are more prevalent. Will your home refer to any of the following circumstances?

You Recently Introduced A New Pet 

If for many years your cat has been the lone wolf of the house and then all of a sudden you have added a new cute friend, your cat might get nervous and urinate outside of the designated potty area.

You Have A New Bed Companion Or Housemate

If you’ve just moved in with someone recently, or if your partner has just started staying over at night regularly, your cat might pee on your bed because of social stress. It does not “approve” of your new partner just yet, who prompts them by peeing on your bed to demonstrate their dissatisfaction. Peeing on the side of the bed where that person sleeps may also be specific.

You Work Long Hours Or Travel Often

Often, due to your extended absence, your cat will urinate on your bed to demonstrate his frustration and unhappiness. Paradoxically, in this situation, adopting another pet to keep your cat company while you are gone may just be a smart idea.

If you cannot take care of your cats, then think about asking a neighbor or relative to visit your cat once or twice during the day to stop them from being too lonely and alone.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Peeing On My Bed?

Depending on what triggered the odd behavior in the first place, the solutions can differ, so you first have to analyze the above information before you can fix it. Here’s a couple of things to try.

Solutions For Medical Conditions

Taking your kitty to the vet and having her checked for behavior and medical problems is the safest way to handle medical issues. This will decide why, instead of the litter box, your cat is peeing on the bed.

Solutions For The Litter Box

Keep it clean every day. If you don’t normally clean it out regularly, then try this for a week to see if the behavior of your cat changes. Is the litter box in an environment of heavy foot traffic? Somewhere out of the way so your cat can have privacy, but can still easily access it.

If, since he/she was a kitten, have you used the same litter box for your pet? Maybe the cat has just outgrown it. Plastic litter boxes aren’t expensive, so try litter boxes of a larger size. Also, remove it and see what is happening if there is a lid.

Do you have to share the same litter box with more than two cats? For several cats, it is recommended to have two litter boxes for the house.

Solutions For Stress

The exact cause that is causing your cat stress or anxiety is not easy to find. That is why, before the problem worsens, it is important to see a veterinarian. If your cat is under stress, take measures in easing your cat’s stress, by eliminating the stressors, you will stop the anxiety in your cat.

Consider increasing your interactive playtime, or increasing snuggle time with her more frequently will make your cat feel connected to you and less anxious.

Cat Peeing For Attention?

Urinating outside the litter box can mean either a behavior issue or a medical problem, although the distinction is often not apparent. In odd ways, cats sometimes urinate to get the attention of their owner when they feel unwell.

Also, in an attempt to reassert their claim to the territory, cats frequently urinate in odd ways, this can result from psychological stress, and psychological stress can easily contribute to underlying physical disease which can lead to inappropriate urination.

My Cat Peed On My Bed, How Do I Clean It?

If you’re wondering how to clean your cat’s urine from your bed, this cleaning method can help you. This can also act as a guide to how to remove old pee stains from a mattress!

  • Remove all of your bedding and quickly get it in the wash.
  • In a 50/50 combination, dilute the white vinegar with water in a spray bottle.
  • Grab a towel and squeeze the liquid out of the mattress. You’ll run the risk of pushing the urine even deeper into the foam of your mattress if you scrub, making it more difficult to get the odor out.
  • Spray the white vinegar mixture generously over the region until you’ve blotted much of the moisture away. Keep blotting out the excess liquid.
  • Using baking soda to cover the region and get on with your day. Let it stay for eight to ten hours, and the longer the better.
  • Inspect the area and vacuum up the baking soda. You should repeat this step until things are back to perfection if there’s any staining or odor left behind.

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By giving the cat the acceptable or preferred litter conditions to enable her to use the litterbox again, this issue can be easily solved. Other times, however, the issue could be more difficult, and a professional behavioral consultant might be required.

Be proactive about managing your cat’s anxiety, the main thing to bear in mind is that your cat is trying to tell you something, and it’s up to you to try to find out what that is.

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