Best Digestive Probiotics for Dogs

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Keeping your dog active, happy, and healthy is only possible when the digestive system, which is the body’s largest organ, works properly. In the digestive system, around 70% of the process is about the immune system that needs to be supported to keep everything functioning.

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In that case, using digestive probiotics for dogs can help in enhancing the entire system while keeping the dog healthy, free from allergy and other skin-related conditions. That’s why we came up with the three best digestive probiotics for dogs manufactured by Pethonesty, a well-respected brand famous for making supplies for the pet industry.

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Why Choose Pethonesty for Dog Digestive Probiotics?

Pethonesty makes the best supplements for dogs and is a well-recognized brand in the pet industry. You can find tons of positive feedback from the customers published on many platforms and websites.

All of its products are made of natural ingredients to ensure the pet’s safety and give quick results. Its products do not leave any harmful effects on mental or physical health like other brands.

Also, you can get free delivery within the USA, discounts on first purchase, more discounts on subscriptions, and a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. The company claims not to use the chemicals or any bad stuff that can give quick results but leaves long-term side effects.

1.Digestive Probiotics Chews (90 Count – Duck Flavor)

Digestive Probiotics Chews are made of all the natural ingredients that include enzyme blend, pumpkin, and seven probiotic strains.

Each component helps in its own way, such as seven probiotic strains that are suitable for canine health to maintain healthy digestion and keep the immune system perfect.

Similarly, enzyme blend supports bowel health and proper digestion while assisting in the absorption of nutrients. Last, pumpkin is loaded with fiber that helps the dog’s digestion.

Benefits of Using Digestive Probiotics Chews

Digestive Probiotics Chews are one of the most authentic and approved by vets multivitamin supplements for dogs that meet all the body’s requirements. That’s why there are side effects besides many benefits, especially for the healthy digestive system of your dog.

First, it supports a working healthy immune system and normal intestinal well-being. Second, the enzymes that are lacking because of not using or incorrectly chosen multivitamin supplement chews for dogs are now provided for proper digestion.

Third, the supplements help in maintaining proper gut flora and pH besides assisting in nutrient absorption. Last, the supplements are used for supporting proper digestion and bowel health which is offered by using this product.

Why Choose Digestive Probiotics Chews?

The main reason to choose Digestive Probiotics Chews rather than other ordinary supplement chews is its many benefits. Other supplements are not beneficial enough to provide the necessary enzymes required to lower the bad bacterias and increase the good bacteria amount for a better immune system.

In that case, only Pethonesty multivitamin supplement chews for dogs can fulfill these body needs. Furthermore, the prices are relatively low, and you can get more discounts on buying in bulk. Also, the chews are dipped in chicken flavor, making it delicious for dogs to eat at a regular interval without missing one meal.

2.CranBladder UTI Strength Chews (90 Count – Chicken Flavor)

CranBladder UTI Strength Chews are made of D-mannose, marshmallow root, echinacea, and cranberry. These are other supplement chews offered by Pethonesty to cure the dog’s immune system problems. Every ingredient in this product helps directly or indirectly support a dog’s bladder, kidney, and overall digestive system to perform better. 

Echinacea supports a better working immune system, while cranberry supports urinary tract function as well as a healthy immune system. D-mannose is another ingredient naturally found in fruits that cures diseases related to the urinary tract, and marshmallow root also supports healthy kidney and bladder function.

How CranBladder UTI Strength Chews Helps Your Dog?

CranBladder UTI Strength Chews are specifically formulated out of ingredients that support a healthy bladder, kidney, and digestive system. It helps maintain normal kidney function and also maintains normal bladder health and control.

In addition, Pethonesy multivitamin supplement chews for dogs support healthy renal function, urinary tract, and a better working immune system. Every time there’s a problem in the digestive system in digesting food or something goes wrong with bladder control, both systems go down.

In that case, only using CranBladder UTI Strength Chews can cure both urinary and digestive systems and can help your dog in maintaining pH that reduces crystal formation.

How CranBladder UTI Strength Chews Stands Out?

Most multivitamin supplement chews for dogs manufacturing companies offer different supplements according to the dog’s age. In that case, it costs more money if you own multiple dogs of varying ages, breeds, or sizes.

When it comes to Pethonesty CranBladder UTI Strength Chews, the supplements are formulated for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds for your convenience. Other than this, Pethonesty supplements offer far more benefits than other traditional supplements. Most importantly, these area veterinarians recommended and came at a reasonable price.

The company also beats in its lower prices and monthly subscriptions that further lower the price, making it budget-friendly. The chews dipped in chicken flavor are not easily refused by the dogs, and 90 counts last longer for at least one month following three chews each day.

3.Keep Grass Green Chews (90 Count – Duck Flavor)

Keep Grass Green Chews are another dog digestive probiotic manufactured to keep your dog healthy and happy. The green color chews are useful to put on the green grass in your lawn so your dog can eat besides not damaging your lawn’s beauty.

It makes your lawn even look greener and more beautiful besides helping your dog to improve health issues. Three main ingredients used for its formulation are DL-Methionine, apple cider vinegar, and bacillus coagulans.

Each ingredient works in its own way in healing the dog. For example, DL-Methionine contains amino acids that reduce the nitrogen amount in the dog’s pee to reduce burn spots.

How Do Keep Grass Green Chews Works?

Mainly Keep Grass Green Chews works by lowering the amount of nitrogen, balancing the increased amount and pH, which as a result, balances the nitrogen in urine to reduce burn spots.

Furthermore, probiotics are used to support your dog’s digestive system and encourage healthy bowel movements. Overall, the product is more specific to improving intestinal health rather than providing other benefits. Still, it keeps the immune system, brain, heart, and joints healthy.

You can save 15% on upgrading Keep Grass Green to three packs. Similarly, the company also offers a subscription that gets you 20% savings, and you can also change the schedule or cancel any time.

What are the Benefits of Using Keep Grass Green Chews?

Keep Grass Green Chews offers a large number of benefits to your dog in the small pack of few bucks. Since you already need ordinary chews to meet your dog’s hunger, then why not buy Keep Grass Green Chews that can provide all the necessary nutrients required to keep the body system working. 

First, it contains an amino acid that minimizes the nitrogen in the dog’s urine to lower the burn spots. Second, it balances the nitrogen levels and pH that also has good effects on a dog’s urine, and reduces burn spots.

Third, the bacillus coagulants are used to help support a healthy gut and digestion. Besides, it comes at a reasonable price when compared with other products in the same category.


What probiotics can I give my dog?

Digestive probiotics can be the best solution in improving the digestive and immune systems, which cure many issues. Otherwise, if your dog is facing some specific conditions, we recommend choosing according to your vet’s perceptions.

Is it alright to give my dog probiotics daily?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to give probiotics made of natural and healthy ingredients on a daily basis. Also, make sure to consider the size and age of your dog to take precautions accordingly.

Can probiotics help dogs with diarrhea?

If your dog is inclined to digestive probiotics, it can help with diarrhea. The better the immune and digestive system will be, the minimum chances will be for diarrhea. So, we can conclude, yes, digestive probiotics can help your dog unless there’s some severe condition with your dog.

What is the best natural probiotic for dogs?

We have listed the three best digestive probiotics for dogs, and all of them are the best natural probiotics as they are made of natural ingredients rather than using chemicals. We recommend buying one of these probiotics manufactured by Pethonesty because of many reasons mentioned above.

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Final Words

You can’t stop your dog from buying delicious food. Sometimes, delicious food can have bad effects on the body due to a weak digestive or immune system. In that case, keeping the digestive system strong is important. That’s where dog digestive probiotics by Pethonest steps in and helps your dog’s entire system

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