Calming Hemp Chews for Dogs

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If your dog does any abnormal activity like continuously barking for no reason, repeatedly chewing everything, feeling anxious, being afraid of visiting vets or riding cars, and many more, it is totally normal as most dogs face these situations and need treatments.

What’s not normal is not giving the proper medication required to overcome these fears or bad behaviors. In that case, using calming hemp chews for dogs that are purely formulated out of natural ingredients specifically for dogs helps in treatment.

Before you visit veterinarians, who cost a lot of money, you can try these chews as they are also recommended by vets and other certified authorities.

It not only helps in overcoming fears like thunderstorms, riding cars, visiting vets but also reduces anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and excessive barking.

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Before you try ordinary calming hemp chews for dogs, we recommend trying Pethonesty hemp chews as these are recommended by vets, formulated out of natural ingredients, and cures quickly.

Also, they come at an affordable price and become even cheaper with a subscription option and are backed up by a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. Go through our detailed, composed review of this product so you can decide if you should try this one for your dog or not.

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1.Premium Hemp Calming Chews (90 Count)

Premium Hemp Calming Chews are made in an American GMP-Certified facility as claimed by the company, which assures you the product is made using high-quality ingredients and through a certified process.

The chews are formulated out of ingredients that include ginger root, organic hemp seed powder, valerian root, organic chamomile, suntheanine, and melatonin. A large amount of melatonin and suntheanine used are natural hormones and antioxidants that promote calmness.

Similarly, other ingredients also play an important role in calming the dog, such as valerian root helps with anxiety, ginger root reduces stress-causing cortisol, and hemp seed powder is filled with healthy omegas that help wellbeing. So, overall, all the ingredients combine to support mental and physical health while keeping the dog comfortable, at ease, and pain-free.

How Premium Hemp Calming Chews Helps Your Dog?

Mainly suntheanine and melatonin are widely used in the formulation of these calming hemp chews for dogs, and both are backed by clinical research. For example, suntheanine is backed by more than forty US and international patents, while melatonin is also proved effective in reducing anxiety.

These ingredients combine to reduce mental health issues like depression caused by separation, riding vehicles, and visiting vets. Besides, the product helps in overcoming aggression, excessive barking, and behavioral issues.

This way, your dog will be comfortable visiting public places, traveling, events, and visiting vets without any fear. Chewing and barking can also be a serious issue for many parents, which is also cured by using these chews.

Why Choose Premium Hemp Calming Chews?

Do you know most calming hemp chews for dogs contain harmful chemicals and additives to provide relief against stress and anxiety that comes with many side effects? Using those chews can help your dog for a while but end up causing serious issues, and addiction is one of them.

In that case, Pethonesty hemp chews that are made of certified ingredients like suntheanine and melatonin cure quickly without any side effects.

That’s one of the main reasons to choose Premium Hemp Calming Chews because it comes with safety and surety. Also, the formulation process is done in an American GMP-certified facility and using high-quality ingredients to completely satisfy the customers.

2.Calming Hemp Chews (90 Count – Chicken Flavor)

Calming Hemp Chews is another featured treatment offered by Pethonesty, a well-known brand serving the pet industry for years with its quality products.

It is made of ginger root, organic hemp seed powder, chamomile, and valerian root. All of the ingredients are extracted naturally to formulate a natural product in an American GMP-certified facility.

Each product plays its role in helping the dog, such as valerian root helps pets with anxiety, chamomile is a soothing plant that helps in calmness, hemp seed powder supports overall health, and ginger root reduces stress levels and levels of stress-causing cortisol in the body. Also, there’s no THC or CBD involved in the treatment of your dog.

What are the Benefits of Using Calming Hemp Chews?

Not all dogs are always happy, relaxed, and calm. At some stage, every dog needs some or more treatment for their abnormal behavior such as barking, chewing, fear, anxiety, and aggression. In that case, using calming hemp chews for dogs that do not contain THC or any other harmful substance can be the best option to use before you visit a vet.

That’s why Calming Hemp Chews is made of naturally extracted ingredients rather than THC or CBD that are not always useful and healthy. It provides quick results in keeping your dog at ease, reducing fear and anxiety, and treating behavioral issues.

Why Choose Calming Hemp Chews?

There are many reasons to choose Calming Hemp Chews rather than an ordinary hemp chew that contains harmful THC. First, it is made of naturally extracted ingredients that are further processed in GMP-certified facilities using premium quality material.

Second, you can get them at affordable prices, which can further be lowered using subscription options to 20% less. Also, its results are comparatively quick, and the box contains 90 counts that are enough for three months following the one chew each day dose. Last, chews are dipped in chicken flavor to meet your dog’s taste. 

Difference Between Premium and Regular Hemp Chews?

Basically, both hemp chews featured by Pethonesty, formulated out of natural ingredients to cure anxiety, fear, and abnormal behavior. But Premium Hemp Calming Chews are added with suntheanine and melatonin that are not included in ordinary hemp chews.

These two unique natural ingredients are backed up by clinical research and proved helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. That’s why the price of premium hemp chews is also relatively increased. We recommend upgrading regular hemp chews once you find them satisfactory to premium ones.

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Final Words

Keep in mind all these calming hemp chews for dogs are recommended by veterinarians but only for temporary conditions. Otherwise, if your dog’s condition is severe, we recommend instantly consulting the vet before the conditions get worse. In temporary cases, using these hemp chews is the best solution.

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