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Your dog might not be as active as he was years before, and this is because of joint-related issues that happen to every other dog when getting older. In that case, you can’t leave your dog alone just because he is getting older and starts facing joint issues. The major symptoms include weaker connective tissue support, not strong cartilage development, joint stiffness, unhealthy joint fluid viscosity, and many more.

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As a result, it makes your dog feel older and badly affects the physical activities that are important for a healthy mind and body. In that case, some of the best joint support supplements for dogs manufactured by Pethonesty save your dog in providing better and healthy joint support.

It helps in providing your dog with support to connective tissues, promotes mobility, eases joint stiffness, enhances cartilage development, promotes healthy joint and bone, and supports a better working inflammatory response. We have reviewed the two best joint support supplements for dogs powered by Pethonesty that you can choose for your dog to make improvements in joint-related diseases.

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1.PureMobility Chews (60 Count)

PureMobility Chews are one of the best joint support supplements for dogs made of all the natural ingredients that include Balanced Kollagen, Turmeric, Glucosamine HCI, and Green Lipped Mussels. There’s an addition of sweet potato and carrot superfood blend, which makes the chews tastier.

Ingredients combine together to have beneficial effects on a dog’s joint health, such as green-lipped mussels enhance healthy joint fluid viscosity and improve connective tissue health.

Besides, glucosamine HCI that not all companies manage to add in the joint support supplements is 30% more concentrated than a traditionally used ingredient, Glucosamine Sulfate, to maintain synovial fluid that lubricates joints.

Furthermore, turmeric, which is a natural root, helps support a healthy inflammatory level. Last, a very important ingredient, balanced Kollagen, a patented premium form of collagen which is extracted from eggshells, promotes cartilage development.

What’s Different in PureMobility Chews?

PureMobility Chews features an extra-strength formula for the best joint support supplements for dogs and is backed by clinical research for verification. It is made of Balanced Kollagen and Green Lipped Mussels that are not traditionally added in other regular joint support supplements as it requires more budget and research.

Balanced Kollagen shows an 85% reduction in joint pain levels, and Green Lipped Mussels show up to 75% reduction in joint impairment and 98% reduction in swelling. All these stats are impressive, making PureMobility Chews stand out.

How PureMobility Chews Helps Your Dog?

PureMobility Chews is not an ordinary joint supplement as it is made of unique ingredients backed up by clinical research. That’s why it has a wide range of advantages for the dog’s joint health. It provides connective tissue support, healthy joint fluid viscosity, and optimal inflammatory response in joints.

Moreover, the best joint support supplement for dogs eases the joint stiffness that happened due to daily exercise, promotes cartilage development, and helps overall joint mobility and flexibility. Overall, the chews cover every joint-related issue in the body in making your dog more active and physically healthy.

Why Choose PureMobility Chews?

Besides getting many joint support benefits, there are many other reasons to choose PureMobility Chews rather than choosing an ordinary joint support supplement that is not actually clinically researched. No matter how effective the supplements are if your dog refuses to take them due to bad taste, they are not worth buying. In that case, these supplement chews are made so delicious and soft that they are easy to chew.

Second, the chew is made of natural ingredients and USA-made under the supervision of veterinarians. If we talk about its benefits on joint health, which is the main reason for choosing PureMobility Chews, we see many advantages. The main benefits include reduced joint stiffness, normal inflammatory response, and cartilage development.

2.Advanced Hip & Joint Chews (90 Count)

Advanced Hip & Joint Chews is another the best joint supplement for dogs made of four natural ingredients that include Purformsm, Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine HCI, and Turmeric.

For a nutritious superfood base, carrots, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes are added to the ingredients to improve the quality and taste. Let’s talk about each natural ingredient and how it helps in supporting joint health.

First, Chondroitin Sulfate helps to support cartilage development by increasing the efficacy of Glucosamine. Second Purformsm; is a well-known ingredient that helps in promoting cartilage development and elasticity of connective tissue.

The third Turmeric is a natural root that is used almost in every joint support supplement powered by Pethonesty, which supports a normal inflammatory response. Last Glucosamine HCI; another joint support supplement that helps maintain synovial fluid to lubricate joints for easy movement without cracking.

What are the Benefits of Using Advanced Hip & Joint Chews?

Advanced Hip & Joint Chews helps in many possible ways to make your dog’s joint health better for easy body movement in making your dog more active and energetic. It not only helps joints like every other ordinary or the best joint support supplement for dogs does but also supports the hip as well.

Advanced Hip & Joint Chews eases joint stiffness, enhances healthy joint fluid viscosity, provides connective tissue support, promotes cartilage development and overall mobility and flexibility. Last, supporting a healthy or increasing the already reduced inflammatory response is necessary when it comes to joint support, provided by using these chews.

Why Choose Advanced Hip & Joint Chews?

Advanced Hip & Joint Chews dominates nearly all other joint support dog supplements in the same category and price range because of its many advantages to its joint support. First, the chews are made by ingredients that are backed up by clinical research and GMP certified, which increases the authenticity.

Second, the chews are absolutely steroid-free and made so yummy, so your dog loves it. Last, USA-made and veterinarian recommended Advanced Hip & Joint Chews provides benefits in supporting healthy joints, hip, and body’s flexibility.

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Final Words

The healthy joints and hips make the dog younger again, even in old age. That’s why it is necessary to maintain your dog’s healthy body, which mainly includes joints and hips. It can only be done using only the best joint support supplement for dogs. If spending a few bucks can make your dog feel young again by solving joint-related issues, then it’s worth spending.

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