Multivitamin Supplement Chews for Dogs

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Buying cheap, delicious, and branded supplement chews for your dog is not enough where they lack the essential minerals and vitamins required to keep your dog’s digestion and overall body working perfectly well.

Lower amounts of such minerals and vitamins can cause harmful bacterias, which further leads to a number of side effects such as gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, discomfort, and many more.

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In that case, only using multivitamin supplement chews for dogs is the best solution to add to the dog’s diet, which promotes good bacterias and enhances healthy food digestion and nutrient absorption.

Why chase expensive supplement chews that lack necessary vitamins and nutrients when you have Pethonesy multivitamin supplement chews for dogs, recommended by veterinarians, loved by pets, and affordable by the owners.

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What are Multivitamin Supplements?

Multivitamin supplements contain minerals, vitamins, and other materials, and there’s no specific ratio of the ingredients used in these supplements. Basically, multivitamins are used to fulfill the lack of vitamins and other necessary minerals required for healthy body functioning.

They are used for both humans and pets in order to satisfy the nutrient requirements, but we will be discussing multivitamin supplements for dogs only.

How do Multivitamin Supplements work?

Multivitamin supplements for dogs come in different forms as per the dog’s comfortable intake. Most owners prefer them to buy in the form of chews as these are easily taken by dogs by mixing in the food or any other way.

Multivitamin supplement chews for dogs work in supporting the digestive system to cure bad bacterias that cause discomfort, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal tract. As a result, it produces good bacterias that are necessary for a healthy digestive system and improved nutrient absorption.

1.10-for-1 Multivitamin (90 Count – Chicken Flavor)

10-for-1 Multivitamin is one of the featured digestive probiotics by Pethonesty made of glucosamine, fish oil, pumpkin, vitamin C, and probiotics to ensure the better health of your dog.

Each element helps in maintaining synovial fluid that lubricates the joints and contains necessary omega fatty acids for healthy skin. Also, the ingredients are loaded with fiber that helps digestion.

The vitamin C and probiotics used are important for a healthy immune system and heart. The product not only helps the immune system, heart, skin, brain, hip, joints, and digestive system but also gives more energy, flexibility, and power needed each day.

What are the Benefits of Using 10-for-1 Multivitamins?

As the name indicates, 10-for-1 Multivitamin is made of 10 ingredients, and each has its own benefit on the dog’s body. For example, vitamin C supports the heart and also the immune system, pumpkin is filled with fiber that helps with easy digestion, fish oil includes essential fatty acids required for healthy skin.

The name also represents ten benefits that this product offers to the body that includes healthy skin, heart, immune system, brain, digestive system, hip, and joints. Besides, it gives a boost to the body by providing energy, flexibility, antioxidants, and coat.

Why Choose 10-for-1 Multivitamins?

First, 10-for-1 Multivitamin offers various advantages to each part of the dog’s body, including mainly the digestive system.

Second, it comes at a cheaper price not offered by any other brand in the pet accessories market.

Third, it is formulated out of 100% safe and natural ingredients that provide many benefits to the body in the shortest possible time.

The chicken flavor is loved by most dogs which helps it easily eat, and 90 counts are enough to last a month following the 3 counts each day. We recommend giving the number of chews to your dog according to size and age.

2.Advanced Multivitamins Chews (90 Count)

Advanced Multivitamins Chews are made of glucosamine, organic mushroom blend, probiotics, selenium yeast, and omega-3, which means it contains all the necessary elements required to enhance the immune, digestive, and other systems.

The selenium yeast included helps in preserving tissue’s elasticity for healthy membranes. Other ingredients support healthy digestion and energize different body parts such as joints, hip, brain, and heart.

One dose each day of Advanced Multivitamins Chews is enough to provide all the essential nutrients required for the body to keep each system perfect. 90 counts of these chews are worth buying as it does not cost more money.

How Advanced Multivitamins Chews Helps Your Dog?

The company claims to provide ten major health benefits to different body organs. It contains vitamins and other nutrients that keep the skin and coat shinier, healthy, odorless, and allergic-free. Second, all the organ functions properly when the correct amount of dog digestive probiotics are inhaled at a regular interval.

Besides, the immune system is also benefited; the brain works properly, the digestive system works smoothly, and different body joints do not crack because the product brings more fluid to these parts. It increases the body’s flexibility, brings more antioxidants, and boosts the energy levels to keep your pet active.

Why Choose Advanced Multivitamins Chews?

If you own an adult or senior dog suffering from a poor digestive system can be cured using Advanced Multivitamins Chews. It helps in treating old or adult dogs with more than six years of age suffering from joint diseases, bad vision, skin conditions, energy loss, and more.

The glucosamine used in its formulation increases the mobility in old joints and reduces the current joint inflammation in your dog. Also, it cures allergies, improves the immune system, and makes the skin free from conditions that can lead to severe diseases.

Another reason to buy Advanced Multivitamins Chews is its effects on boosting the immune system and heart health with vitamins A, C, and D3. The product will not only make your dog’s life easy but also gives enough energy needed to keep them happy and active.

3.Keep Grass Green Chews (90 Count – Duck Flavor)

Keep Grass Green Chews are another dog digestive probiotic manufactured to keep your dog healthy and happy. The green color chews are useful to put on the green grass in your lawn so your dog can eat besides not damaging your lawn’s beauty.

It makes your lawn even look greener and more beautiful besides helping your dog to improve health issues. Three main ingredients used for its formulation are DL-Methionine, apple cider vinegar, and bacillus coagulans.

Each ingredient works in its own way in healing the dog. For example, DL-Methionine contains amino acids that reduce the nitrogen amount in the dog’s pee to reduce burn spots.

How Do Keep Grass Green Chews Works?

Mainly Keep Grass Green Chews works by lowering the amount of nitrogen, balancing the increased amount and pH, which as a result, balances the nitrogen in urine to reduce burn spots. Furthermore, probiotics are used to support your dog’s digestive system and encourage healthy bowel movements.

Overall, the product is more specific to improving intestinal health rather than providing other benefits. Still, it keeps the immune system, brain, heart, and joints healthy. You can save 15% on upgrading Keep Grass Green to three packs. Similarly, the company also offers a subscription that gets you 20% savings, and you can also change the schedule or cancel any time.

What are the Benefits of Using Keep Grass Green Chews?

Keep Grass Green Chews offers a large number of benefits to your dog in the small pack of few bucks. Since you already need ordinary chews to meet your dog’s hunger, then why not buy Keep Grass Green Chews that can provide all the necessary nutrients required to keep the body system working. 

First, it contains an amino acid that minimizes the nitrogen in the dog’s urine to lower the burn spots. Second, it balances the nitrogen levels and pH that also has good effects on a dog’s urine, and reduces burn spots. Third, the bacillus coagulants are used to help support a healthy gut and digestion. Besides, it comes at a reasonable price when compared with other products in the same category.

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Final Words

When your dog’s digestive system goes down, everything goes down with it, causing many other health issues. That’s why keeping the digestive, immune, and urinary systems of the dog is very crucial for better health.

Otherwise, one problem may lead to another, and you’ll end up costing a lot of money in visiting vets and expensive medicines. So, it’s better to take precautions in advance to keep your dog healthy by using Pethonesty multivitamin supplement chews for dogs.

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