Best Halloween Costumes for Small Dogs

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When looking for Halloween costumes for small dogs, there’s a huge choice in the market. However, when you narrow down your choice in terms of the look you want for your dog, either funnier or scarier, it’s quite easy to select one.

We came up with some of the best Halloween costumes for small dogs, having a mixture of funnier, prettier, and scarier outfits, so you can choose the one you require for your dog. Go through this guide to know which one you should consider and which one is not suitable for your dog.

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1.California Ups Pal Dog Costume


This attractive-looking courier costume comes with a hat and has sleeves too to look like a complete delivery guy. It’s funny yet cute while making your dog look different in the room when every pet is competing to look unique in their costumes this Halloween.

The sleeves on the costume make you feel like the dog is actually carrying a delivery — it might be hard to not laugh on this one!

Also, the costume is fastened around the neck using Velcro, so it doesn’t come off, and your dog feels comfortable too.

2.Rubie’s Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

Rubie’s Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume, Small

Make your chubby little dog look even funnier and cuter than before with this star wars costume. Its hooded headpiece with attached ears, cowl neck, and drawstring closure makes your dog look exceptional among all the pets.

However, it can be overdressed for skinnier dogs, and that’s why we recommend for fat chubby dogs only as the costume is designed to fit on fat dogs as well.

The fabric used is extremely soft to touch and won’t irritate your dog even when it’s too much on their body in terms of length.

3.DC Comics Batman Dog Costume

DC Comics Batman Dog Costume | Hooded Superhero Costume for Dogs | Black Dog Halloween Costumes for Small Dogs in Size X-Small for Small Dogs & Small Size Dog Breeds | See Sizing Chart for More Info

It’s time you turn your cute little dog into a superhero, so he can rescue other pets this Halloween.

Make your dog look like a superhero, so he can get heroic feelings besides looking exceptionally attractive and grabbing the attention of everyone in the room. The black color batman costume looks brilliant on dogs having white fur.

It looks great on other dogs too, but we recommend this for white dogs only. However, the costume can give a stylish heroic look to any dog.

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4.NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs Clothes Knight Style with Doll and Hat for Halloween Day Pet Costume (S) 

Let someone ride your dog this Halloween so everyone in your house can laugh out loud with this cowboy ride costume.

Can you expect anything funnier than a cowboy riding your dog? That’s why this costume is a great choice, and you don’t have to worry about the cowboy falling as it’s firmly stitched.

Besides, the snug fit costume keeps your dog at ease while making him look cuter. Make sure you get the perfect size for snug-fitting to keep the dog relaxed.

5.Dog Mail Carrier Costume

California Costumes Pet Us Mail Carrier Pup

You must have gotten mail from a mailman, but it’s time to get one from your furry friend too. The unique but attractive costume makes your little dog look cute when he’s holding a mailbox in artificial hands.

The hands look so real even you forget after some time that it’s not the dog’s hands. However, we don’t recommend it for aggressive chewers as they might end up chewing the mailbox.

Make sure you get a perfect size because this one is ready-to-wear, and size matters a lot.

6.Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit

Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit, Small

Turn your dog into a walking teddy bear with this costume to let everyone laugh out loud with its funny and cute look. It’s a great choice for your fat dog, who’s ready to turn into a walking teddy bear to let everyone enjoy it a little.

However, it’s comparatively heavier, and your dog must be polite to wear this one. Otherwise, he might turn it into a mess within no time. On its front, no one can tell if there’s a dog behind this waking teddy bear costume.

We recommend choosing the one that matches your dog’s fur color. It works on other colors too.

7.California Deadly Doll Dog Costume

Deadly Doll Dog Costume Small

Let everyone get scared this Halloween as your dog enters in a deadly doll costume.

The foam knife having blood on it can help you easily get treats from anyone. However, it looks funny because of the posture in the costume.

That’s why it’s worth considering for your dog if making your dog look different, attractive, and funny is your goal. It has two ties on its back, so the costume holds tight even when the dog runs quickly around the place.

8.Rypet Pet Halloween Costume

RYPET Cat Halloween Costume – Halloween Bat Wings Pet Costumes for Small Dogs Cats Halloween Party Small

Turn your dog into a walking bat that actually compliments Halloween even with its matching costume.

What’s significant about this costume is that you can use it for your cat and dog, making it budget-friendly, so you don’t have to buy a separate one for each pet.

The polyester material used is lightweight and soft, so your dog doesn’t resist wearing it for a prolonged period. It looks great on black and white dogs, but you can consider it for other colors too.

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9.California Spider Pup Dog Costume

Spider Pup Costume X-Small

Since it’s Halloween, there must be something scarier than prettier, and it comes with this spider dog costume.

The costume is scary enough to scare people around you and get you treats within no time. It might look heavier, but the material used is extremely lightweight, and anyone can lift it easily.

However, we recommend it for bigger dogs only, so the dog doesn’t get tired. There’s foam attached on all the sides to keep your dog relaxed.

10.NACOCO Pirates of The Caribbean Costume

NACOCO Pet Dog Costume Pirates of The Caribbean Style (Small)

Everyone wants to dress their dog in some famous costume.

In that case, what’s more, famous than the Pirates of the Caribbean costume, making your dog a pirate, so everyone in the house can be a little scared.

It’s funny, attractive, and gets the attention of everyone. The hat looks stunning to give your dog a real look of a scary pirate who’s ready to get all the treats.

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