Best Cat Strollers with Detachable Carrier

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Your pets are your best friend, and you should always take them with your while traveling or shopping. In that case, you need cat strollers with a detachable carrier that can be helpful in different situations to carry your cat. For example, if you are shopping, you need a stroller if driving; you need a car seat and a carrier if walking.

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You can’t buy all three different products, yet you can choose the one that can be converted into these three carriers. That’s why we have bought the five best cat strollers with detachable carriers that can serve multiple functions helping you to carry your pet, either cat or dog. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means we may promote and supply links to products on and earn a commission for any resulting sales made. This comes at no extra cost to you.

Cat Strollers with Detachable CarrierTop FeatureRatings
Ibiyaya Pet Carrier StrollerMulti-functional with 5 in 1 Stroller4.6
HPZ Pet Rover Prime Cat StrollerWater and Rust Resistance4.7
Flexzion Pet StrollerBreathable and Waterproof4.3
Nova Microdermabrasion Pet StrollerClosed Stroller4.6
Dkeli 4 Wheels Pet Stroller12 Months Warranty4.5
TOP 5 Best Cat Strollers with Detachable Carrier

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1.Ibiyaya Pet Carrier Stroller

5-in-1 Pet Carrier with Backpack, Pet Carrier Stroller, Shoulder Strap, Carriers with Wheels for Dogs and Cats – Pink

Ibiyaya Pet Carrier Stroller is a cat stroller with detachable carrier that provides various options to use it. It can be converted into a wheeled carrier, car seat, shoulder carrier, and backpack, giving you many choices to make yourself comfortable while riding.

Ibiyaya claims itself a pioneer in the luxury pet-care industry committed to providing superior products. It is one of their featured products designed to provide you and your cat maximum comfort with a smooth ride.

Furthermore, the cat stroller with detachable carrier is foldable and compact, which can easily be stored anywhere in the house because it covers less space. Also, the carrier is easy to port across different places because of its small and foldable ability.

Its 360 degrees swivel wheels are designed to give a smooth ride with brakes equipped for your cat’s safety while coming down from heights. It supports a maximum of 16 pounds which is enough for one small cat to carry.

You can adjust its heights according to your height for better grip on handles, which gives a safe and smooth ride. Its handles can be reversed if you want to see the cat during a ride. The stroller is made of premium quality material for increased durability and can withstand rough conditions like rain and storm. It is one of the most attractive yet sturdy cat strollers with a detachable carrier that you can consider buying.

  • Multi-functional with 5 in 1 Stroller
  • Luxurious and Attractive Stroller
  • Offers Smooth Ride
  • Provides Protection
  • Supports Small Cats
  • Not Suitable for Big Cats

2.HPZ Pet Rover Prime Cat Stroller

HPZ Pet Rover Prime 3-in-1 Luxury Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller (Travel Carrier + Car Seat +Stroller) with Detach Carrier/Pump-Free Rubber Tires/Aluminum Frame/Reversible Handle for Medium & Small Pets (BLACK)

HPZ Pet Rover Prime Cat Stroller is one of the best cat strollers with a detachable carrier that can be used in three different ways—a stroller, carrier, and car seat. There is a lot to talk about this product, and let’s start with its construction and design.

It is made of rust-free aluminum in anodized gold color. Its frame features an elegant shape and durable construction. It can carry up to 50 pounds which is the average weight of any regular cat.

Moreover, the carrier is impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and rust-resistant for increased durability. Its lightweight frame is made of rust-free aluminum, which is bend-resistant for increased strength.

Besides strong construction, its look is attractive and luxurious. The material used is polyurethane fabric that resists water, making it useful during heavy rain. There are wheel swivel locks for the situations where you have to ride tough terrains.

It features anti-vibration springs to keep the ride smooth and luxurious for your cat. Its wheel features durable bearings and does not require a pump made of rubber. You can adjust different heights as per your own height for a convenient ride.

Its handles are reversible, which you can use from both sides to look at the cat while riding the stroller. Its frame is foldable, making it easy to store and portable across different places after detaching from the carrier.

  • Used in Three Different Forms
  • Durable Construction
  • Water and Rust Resistance
  • Durable Wheels
  • Carries More Weight
  • Some customers found it slightly difficult to open

3.Flexzion Pet Stroller

Flexzion Pet Stroller (Blue) Dog Cat Small Animals Carrier Cage 4 Wheels Folding Flexible Easy to Carry for Jogger Jogging Walking Travel Up to 30 Pounds with Sun Shade Cup Holder Mesh Window

If you are looking for a foldable stroller that can be helpful during traveling, which covers less space in the car and is easy to port, try Flexzion Pet Stroller. The stroller features more space inside it, carrying relatively bigger cats and still having space left for bottles, food, and other necessary items.

It is equipped with mesh material that lets the air pass for ventilation purposes to keep the cat breathing fresh air besides giving an outside view.

Besides, Denier nylon material is used to resist water and tough conditions like heavy rain. There are more visibility and breathability for the cat to take an outside look besides breathing fresh air or getting direct sunlight with low intensity.

Its large wheels are designed to give a smooth ride on rough terrain where it is hard to handle but not with this comfortable running stroller. The stroller is perfect for cats and dogs weighing around 30 pounds, which is the ideal weight of many pets.

Moreover, its frame is lightweight, making it easy to carry and not increasing the cat’s weight. The stroller is equipped with 260 degrees swivel wheels that rotate in every direction for smooth riding.

There are brakes on these wheels to control them during the fast rides that can happen when coming from certain heights. There is a big basket under the stroller to carry more items such as cat toys and your necessary tools.

  • Breathable and Waterproof
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Supports More Weight
  • Offers More Storage
  • Provides Smooth Rides
  • Not Multi-Functioning

4.Nova Microdermabrasion Foldable Pet Stroller

Foldable Pet Dog Stroller for Cats and Dog Four Wheels Carrier Strolling Cart with Weather Cover, Storage Basket + Cup Holder

Nova Microdermabrasion Foldable Pet Stroller is another masterpiece, a durable and comfortable stroller made of Oxford cloth to resist water and hard enough to carry 30 pounds, which is the weight of an average cat.

Besides, its bottom is padded with soft material to give your cat ease while sitting or taking naps. The stroller can be closed using zippers that protect it from outside dust and direct sunlight.

Moreover, the closed stroller has mesh material with visibility to give your cat an outside view to keep them entertained and happy. The interior is breathable and allows the air to pass through while giving fresh air to breathe. You can fold the stroller multiple times, making it more and more compact, which helps in carrying across different places as it covers less storage in the car.

There is a storage at its bottom where you can store your necessary items such as a smartphone, water bottle, wallet, and your cat’s toys. Its smooth yet sturdy wheels have a 360 degrees swivel feature to allow a smooth ride on tough terrains.

The brakes are equipped to stop a fast-running stroller instantly without causing any accidents. It’s perfect for injured, sick, scared, a puppy, or a senior dog. You can consider buying this cat stroller with a detachable carrier for your cat.

  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Carries More Weight
  • Breathable Interior
  • Closed Stroller
  • Some customers find it difficult to assemble

5.Dkeli 4 Wheels Pet Stroller

4 Wheels Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage Stroller Travel Folding Carrier with Cup Holders and Removable Liner for Small-Medium Dog, Cat (Black)

If you are into a comfortable and safe stroller, try Dkeli 4 Wheels Pet Stroller. There is plenty of room for your cat inside the stroller to sit and sleep. The stroller features soft padded cushions for warm and comfortable sitting.

The pads are removable, making them easy to clean and maintain. Also, the wheels are equipped with rear brakes that can stop the running stroller easily and smoothly without causing any damage to the stroller or your cat.

Moreover, the pet stroller is well structured and made of high-quality nylon material to withstand water and other liquids, making it useful in the rain. The nylon used in the joints makes the stroller more flexible for increased durability. It can carry a maximum of 35 pounds cat or a day without tearing or bending.

The cat stroller with detachable carrier is easy to carry because of its compact size and folding nature. You can easily assemble without the need of any professional, which saves a couple of bucks.  It can easily be stored as it does not cover much space. The company offers a 12-month warranty that is quite satisfying for new customers.

  • Comfortable and Safe Travel
  • Sturdy and High Capacity
  • Easy to Assemble and Foldable
  • Convenient Storage Design
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Bad Customer Service

Comparison Chart

Cat Strollers with Detachable CarrierTop FeatureRatings
Ibiyaya Pet Carrier StrollerMulti-functional with 5 in 1 Stroller4.6
HPZ Pet Rover Prime Cat StrollerWater and Rust Resistance4.7
Flexzion Pet StrollerBreathable and Waterproof4.3
Nova Microdermabrasion Pet StrollerClosed Stroller4.6
Dkeli 4 Wheels Pet Stroller12 Months Warranty4.5
TOP 5 Best Cat Strollers with Detachable Carrier

Top Pick

HPZ Pet Rover Prime Cat Stroller

HPZ Pet Rover Prime Cat Stroller is selected as our top pick because it supports relatively more weight which is 50 pounds. You can carry two small cats of 25 pounds each, so you don’t have to buy two separate cat strollers with detachable carriers.

Also, you can convert the stroller into a carrier, car seat, and carrier, making it useful in different situations. It comes at an affordable price yet competing with other strollers with detachable carriers.

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All the strollers are picked up after considering their positive review by the customers, performance after testing ourselves, and affordable prices with multiple functions. So you can go for any of the above. Yet, we recommend HPZ Pet Rover Prime Cat Stroller that can carry relatively more weight besides providing other features.

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