Best Cat Window Perches

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If you own a cat, you must also have all the necessary things that can make your cat happy and entertained. Among others, a cat window perch can be a perfect gift for your cat to sit and enjoy the outside view through a window.

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It offers a nice and comfortable place to sit at a certain height while watching everything happening outside the house. But buying the best cat window perch may be a tricky thing. That’s why we have composed a review of the five best cat windows perches and buying guides to help you purchase the best one. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means we may promote and supply links to products on and earn a commission for any resulting sales made. This comes at no extra cost to you.

Best Cat Window PerchesTop FeaturesRatings
PEFUNY Cat Window PerchFeatures Advanced Material4.6
LSAIFATER Cat Window PerchStrong and Robust4.5
Selify Cat Window PerchLuxurious and Comfortable4.1
NOYAL Cat Resting Seat PerchMade of Premium Material4.0
ZALALOVA Cat Window PerchOffers 20% More Space4.4
TOP 5 Best Cat Window Perches

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1.PEFUNY Cat Window Perch

Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat, Space Saving Window Mounted Cat Bed for Large Cats (Beige Premium Set)

PEFUNY Cat Window Perch is suitable for big cats as it supports weight up to 40 pounds. The perch provides 360° sunbathes that every cat loves to have when they get bored or feel lazy, made of thicker stainless steel cable for sturdier construction.

Advanced material is used to offer the latest design to your cat for more comfort and durability that can save money by lasting longer. It comprises advanced pipes, non-deformation, and good luster, making it the strong and the best cat window perch.

Besides being strong, the perch is easy to handle as it is equipped with a removable rugged fabric mat which is super easy to maintain. The manufacturer has also given comfort priority by featuring flannel pads that are so soft to feel and sit on.

  • Features Advanced Material
  • Tough and Sturdy
  • Easy to Handle and Maintain
  • Offers Comfortable Pads
  • Supports More Weight
  • Difficult Assembly Instructions

2.LSAIFATER Cat Window Perch

LSAIFATER All Around 360° Sunbath and Lower Support Safety Iron Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat for Any Cats (M, Gold)

People find it hard to assemble the cat window perch and end up hiring experts that cost a lot of money. In this case, LSAIFATER Cat Window Perch is easy to assemble you can assemble without making much effort or using any tools.

Besides, it lets your cat enjoy a beautiful outside view while sitting comfortably and safely inside the house. The best can window perch is made of iron and steel, so it can support more weight to keep your cat safe or without bending itself.

The rugged fabric mat equipped is removable for easy cleaning and washing. It is waterproof and can be easily cleaned every time your cat spills something.

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Comfortable and Waterproof Material Equipped
  • Machine Washable and Easy to Clean
  • Strong and Robust
  • Makes Noise After Prolonged Used

3.Selify Cat Window Perch

Cat Window Perch – Free Fleece Blanket and Toy – Extra Large and Sturdy – Holds Two Large Cats – Easy to Assemble!

Selify Cat Window Perch is engineered to hold more weight as it isn’t equipped with suction cups and Velcro strips that come loose with time. The heavy-duty material used enhances the strength and allows you to lift more weight, so your fat cat doesn’t bend the perch while sitting or laying down.

The material used is luxurious and comfortable to give your cat an outside view without getting tired even for hours. It features an easy-mount design that doesn’t require any tools for assembly or experts.

Your cat’s safety is also ensured so the cat won’t fall from a certain height while sitting or taking a nap which can cause severe injuries. The best cat window perch is super easy to remove, so you can place it at different windows and easy to clean as well for comfortable maintenance.

  • Heavy-duty Construction
  • Luxurious and Comfortable
  • Easy Mount Design
  • Easy to Remove
  • Easy to Clean
  • Suction Cups Need Improvements

4.NOYAL Cat Resting Seat Perch

Noyal Cat Resting Seat Perch Window Hammock Cats Kitty Safety Bed with Durable Heavy Duty Suction Cups Cat Bed Holds Up to 30lbs(Extra 2 Suction Cups)

NOYAL Cat Resting Seat Perch cares about the breathability needed for your cat to keep the temperature optimal even when facing direct sunlight. The pad equipped is comfortable to sit, cool to feel, and breathable as well.

It is made of stainless steel cord and suction cups that hold the 30 pounds cat quite easily without coming off. Your cat will love to jump in and out on this soft and wide perch that provides a beautiful place to sit while enjoying the outside view.

You don’t require any tools as it features an easy-to-install design but make sure to clean the window properly before attaching the suction cups for safety. The best cat window perch easily comes off, which helps it easy to maintain or clean.

  • Made of Premium Material
  • Breathable and Comfortable Pad
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Clean
  • Offers More Space
  • Assembly Instructions are Missing

5.ZALALOVA Cat Window Perch

ZALALOVA Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat w/Free Fleece Blanket 2021 Latest Screw Suction Cups Extra Large Sturdy Cat Bed Cat Resting Seat Holds Two Large Cats

ZALALOVA Cat Window Perch is another best cat window perch that can give your cat a nice place inside the house to enjoy the outside view safely and comfortably.

It comes with all the necessary equipment required to assembly within a few seconds, which means no complex assembly. The perch features screw suction cups rather than regular suction cups whose fall-off rate is higher than these cups. The screw suction cups rarely fall while supporting more weight which is around 60 pounds.

It means you can purchase this perch for your two small cats as well. The cat window perch offers 20% more space for your multiple cats to easily fit in without falling. It is machine washable and easy to clean, which helps in easy maintenance.

  • Offers 20% More Space
  • Features Better Suction Cups
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Breathable and Comfortable Material
  • Comparatively Expensive

Comparison Chart

Best Cat Window PerchesTop FeaturesRatings
PEFUNY Cat Window PerchFeatures Advanced Material4.6
LSAIFATER Cat Window PerchStrong and Robust4.5
Selify Cat Window PerchLuxurious and Comfortable4.1
NOYAL Cat Resting Seat PerchMade of Premium Material4.0
ZALALOVA Cat Window PerchOffers 20% More Space4.4
TOP 5 Best Cat Window Perches

Top Pick

ZALALOVA Cat Window Perch

Among all the cat window perches, ZALALOVA Cat Window Perch is our top pick because of many reasons. First, it offers the latest design screw suction cups that can support more weight without coming off and fits tightly. Its chances to come off are 25% less than other regular perches.

Second, it features 20% more space which means if you have multiple cats, it is suitable as it supports more weight and offers more space. Third, it can easily lift 60 pounds which is the maximum weight of any regular cat. Overall, we can conclude that ZALALOVA Cat Window Perch is offering more in the same design and price range.

How Can a Cat Window Perch Benefit Your Cat?

Most parents never let their cats let go outside and play as they are afraid of getting lost somewhere outside. In this case, there must be anything inside for your cat to play and enjoy. Also, the cats love to sit or lay down for hours while watching things outside through windows.

In this situation, only a cat window perch can help your cat provide a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the outside view. So, we can say it offers your cat a place to take naps at a certain height and sit while enjoying the outside weather and people. Some cats love to jump on these window perches and from the perch to make themselves entertain.

What to Consider Before Buying a Cat Window Perch?

Not all cat window perches are durable, comfortable, and breathable. So, you need to pay special attention before buying one. It will help you end up with the best cat window perch, which your cat will love to sit and play. Watch out for these factors we have listed below in the one you are purchasing. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong product and blame the manufacturer.


The cat window perch must be made of stainless steel cord and screw suction cups that are more durable and don’t fall off the window. If heavy-duty material is used in the construction, the product will be strong and last for years.


If you own a small cat, then you can go for a relatively not so much sturdier perch that can hold around 30 pounds. Similarly, for big cats or multiple cats, you need a perch that can support around 60 pounds. Otherwise, the suction cup will easily come off, and the perch can also be bent due to more weight.

Comfortable and Breathable

Since you are buying something for your cat to sit and take naps, it must be super comfortable and breathable. The perch, which is not so breathable, gets too hot during summers, but a breathable one gets cool even when the temperature rises.


Do cats like window perches?

Cats love to stalk mice, insects, birds, and bugs. In this case, a cat window perch gives them a perfect sport with a certain height to do the stalking. Also, it offers a comfortable place to take naps as well as enjoy the outside view when raining or kids playing.

Is a cat window perch safe for cats?

Yes, it is made of stainless steel cord that does not break no matter how much pressure is applied. The cord is attached to a strong suction cup that does not easily come off the window if the suitable weight is placed. This makes a cat window perch absolutely safe for an averaged size cat.

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Final Words

Making your pets happy and entertaining will always make you happy as well. So, if purchasing the best cat window perch can make your cat more entertained and enjoyable, it is worth buying. All the cat window perches we have reviewed are selected among many perches based on the performance and reviews by the customers.

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