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Your furry friend would love to swim beside you in the pool or outside in the lakes. But you need to take the necessary measures to keep your dog safe in the water by preventing drowning that can happen in some cases. In that case, buying a dog life jacket is necessary as it keeps the dog safe and lets them enjoy the way they want.

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We came up with the five best dog life jackets selected after detailed research based on the customer’s feedback, quality, performance, and features they deliver. Take a look at them and select the one you find suitable. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means we may promote and supply links to products on and earn a commission for any resulting sales made. This comes at no extra cost to you.

Dog Life JacketsTop FeatureRatings
Outward Hound Dog Life JacketFriendly User Experience4.6
Queenmore Dog Life JacketHighly Reflective4.6
Paws Aboard Dog Life JacketBreathable Under Belly4.5
Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life VestDurable Grabbing Handle4.7
GabeFish Dog Life JacketEasy to Put on and Takeoff4.4
TOP 5 Best Dog Life Jackets

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1.Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket

Outward Hound Granby Splash Orange Dog Life Jacket, Small

Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket is a dog life jacket entirely designed while keeping the girth size at priority. That’s why it can fit all size girth which means no matter how small or big your dog is, the dog life jacket will perfectly fit.

The jacket is made attractive and reflective for safety purposes to spot your dog from a distance, which can help in quick rescuing. It is designed to give a comfortable fitting while giving your dog movement in every possible direction.

The jacket is equipped with side-release buckles that provide a comfortable fit. There’s a top grab handle on its upper side which helps in easily grabbing the dog using this handle even when your dog is on the land or swimming. As you can’t risk your dog’s life, so replace the dog life jacket as soon as it gets damaged.

  • Sharp and Reflecting Color
  • Simple Design
  • Friendly User Experience
  • Comfortable Fitting
  • Size Based on Girth
  • Its Buckle Needs Improvements

2.Queenmore Dog Life Jacket

Queenmore Dog Life Jacket Ripstop Dog Safety Vest Adjustable Preserver with High Buoyancy and Durable Rescue Handle for Small,Medium,Large Dogs, Grey Shark Small

Queenmore Dog Life Jacket is made of premium quality material which includes high-quality oxford cloth and polyethylene foam for proper and fast drying as it offers maximum comfort and warmth. The dog life jacket is equipped with adjustable nylon straps, quick-release buckles, and a heavy-duty magic sticker fastening system around the belly and neck for secure fastening.

Its grabbing handle is durable and easy to lift the dog even when on the land or swimming. The bright and reflective color enhances its safety by increasing the visibility even from a greater distance.

The company ensures to provide safe and comfortable wearing so your dog won’t feel itchy after wearing it. As a result, it keeps the dog safe which is the sole purpose of the product. It features a very unique design that is loved by most dog owners.

  • Unique Shape
  • Durable Grabbing Handle
  • Highly Reflective
  • Increased Visibility
  • Safe and Comfortable Wearing
  • Too Heavy Duty for a Small Dog

3.Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket

Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket, Neoprene Dog Life Vest for Swimming and Boating – Red

Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket comes with a sizing chart that helps to determine your dog’s size and then buy the life jacket accordingly. The perfect sizing is necessary as it is all about safety and comfortable fitting that not only makes your dog feel easy but also enhances the safety levels.

Its vibrant colors and reflective strips increase visibility, which helps spot the dog from a distance and rescue quickly when needed. Even during the dark, the reflective strips are very easy to detect as they are bright during nighttime. The equipped grabbing handle is durable enough to last longer and strong enough to easily lift a heavy-weight dog without getting ripped off.

If you are more into buying fashionable materials for your dog, the Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket can be the best choice as its design is attractive. There’s advanced, breathable mesh material used under the belly that allows the proper drainage.

  • Fashion Forward Design
  • Bright and Reflective Color
  • Breathable Under Belly
  • Quality Materials
  • Comfortable Fitting
  • Sizing Needs More Attention

4.Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Vest

Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Vest, Reflective & Adjustable Pet Life Jacket with Enhanced Buoyancy & Rescue Handle, Blue, S

Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Vest comes with its own sizing and fitting, which means you need to measure your dog’s size according to its available sizes for a better and comfortable fitting. It is constructed with extra padding to enable strong buoyancy in the water without restricting the dog’s movements.

Its fastening system around the neck and belly will keep the flotation vest securely on your dog. It means your dog is getting maximum security needed in the water using Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Vest.

With the attached durable grabbing handles, you grab the dog during an emergency before things get worse. Its reflective trims and vibrant color increase the viability, which enhances the safety level as well. There are adjustable straps and quick-release buckles attached to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Convenient and Fit
  • Highly Visible
  • Durable Grabbing Handle
  • Premium Quality Material
  • Attractive Design
  • Your dog may take time to get used to wearing it

5.GabeFish Dog Life Jacket

GabeFish Dog Life Jacket Vest Safety Clothes Collar Harness Saver Pet Swimming Preserver Reflective Strip Swimwear DarkCamo Large

GabeFish Dog Life Jacket is another masterpiece of vibrant color designed to offer the safety required for your dog in water during swimming. The dog life jacket is so simple to take on and off within no time using its side strips and quick release buckles that not only make the wearing comfortable but also reduce time to take off and take on.

It perfectly wraps around the dog’s neck and belly to offer the most comfortable fitting that your dog will love it. The mesh material lets the water drain quickly without making everything heavier, which is not so good for safety reasons.

You need to properly measure the neck, top, girth, and belly, and once you do that, the dog can get the perfect size life jacket. Overall, the dog life jacket is worth buying as it offers everything needed in the water to keep the dog safe.

  • Highly Visible
  • Easy to Put on and Takeoff
  • Convenient Fit
  • Elegant Shape
  • Attractive Color
  • Some customers find it too bulky

Comparison Chart

Dog Life JacketsTop FeatureRatings
Outward Hound Dog Life JacketFriendly User Experience4.6
Queenmore Dog Life JacketHighly Reflective4.6
Paws Aboard Dog Life JacketBreathable Under Belly4.5
Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life VestDurable Grabbing Handle4.7
GabeFish Dog Life JacketEasy to Put on and Takeoff4.4
TOP 5 Best Dog Life Jackets

Top Pick

Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Vest

Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Vest offers the most comfortable fitting offered by any dog life jacket that lets the dog move in all the possible directions. That’s why we end up selecting it as our top pick among other the best dog life jackets.

Second, its grabbing handle is durable that lets you easily and quickly grab the dog during an emergency to instantly save your dog. Third, its elegant design is beautiful to look at, and bright, reflective colors are helpful for safety purposes.

What’s the Importance of a Dog Life Jacket?

The only purpose of buying a dog life jacket can be to save your dog from drowning while swimming in the pool or lake. Keeping your dog happy is necessary for a healthy life and giving proper physical activities are part of it.

In that case, letting them swim beside you in the pool can be the best choice, but you need to take safety precautions. A dog life jacket can be the perfect option to keep your dog swimming and survive risky situations.

What to Consider Before Buying a Dog Life Jacket?

Not all dog life jackets are the best life jackets as there are some imposters that are the worst ones and hidden among the best ones. In that case, you need to be extra careful while buying a dog life jacket.

That’s why we came up with a detailed buying guide to give you some information about the factors that play an important role in making a dog life jacket either the best or worst.

Quality Material

You cannot buy a dog life jacket every month as it costs a lot of money. So, you need to buy the one which is made of premium quality material. Some of them are made of high-quality oxford, and some also include polyurethane.

Durable Grabbing Handle

Grabbing handle is the most used part of a dog life jacket which needs to be durable as the entire dog’s weight is dependent on it while lifting the dog up. In that case, it has to be durable to last longer and don’t break during an emergency.

Highly Visible

When there’s a huge crowd in the lake or pool, there are chances of getting lost but wearing a highly visible and reflective color jacket helps you detect it even during nighttime. So, for better visibility, the dog life jacket needs to be vibrant.


Which One Is The Most Secure And The Best Dog Life Jacket?

Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Vest is the most secure dog life jacket because of its premium quality material used in its manufacturing and durable handle. As the jacket has so many features, which makes it the best one.

Should Dogs Wear Life Vests?

When it comes to safety, a dog life jacket can be the best option to keep your dog alive in the water. In that case, yes, the dogs should always wear life vests as there are always chances of drowning in the deep water.

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Final Words

If spending some bucks can make your dog safe, it’s worth spending. It will not only boost your dog’s confidence in swimming but also will make you worry-free for your dog. Most customers find trouble with the perfect sizing, and it happens due to a lack of information on how to measure the dog size. So, we recommend first learn how to measure appropriately and then buy accordingly.

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