Best GPS Dog Collars

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If you are worried about your dog getting lost every time you go outside to have fun, you need these GPS dog-tracking collars. They continuously monitor your dog and give you an accurate location to know where your dog is. This way, you can keep track of your dog’s movement.

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Besides, they provide dog’s health details to keep you aware of their health. We have picked these five best GPS dog collars after considering what dog parents are liking the most and then compiled a detailed review for your convenience to pick one for your dog. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means we may promote and supply links to products on and earn a commission for any resulting sales made. This comes at no extra cost to you.

GPS Dog CollarsTop FeatureRatings
PETFON Dog GPS CollarWaterproof and Dustproof4.2
Whistle Go Tracker for PetsOffers Health and Location Tracking4.1
Tractive LTE GPS Dog TrackerProvides Location History4.1
Loc8tor Pet TrackerState-of-the-art RF-based Technology4.0
FitBark GPS Dog TrackerMoney-Back Guarantee4.0
Best GPS Dog Collars 2021

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1.PETFON Dog GPS Collar

PETFON Dog GPS Tracker, No Monthly Fee, Real-Time Tracking Collar Device, APP Control for Pets (Dog Only) Activity Monitor with Gift

PETFON Dog GPS Collar offers outstanding features to keep your dog intact while you are away outside the home. It provides tracking in a wide range among congested and open areas to track the dog.

You can set different commands like a notification when your dog leaves a specified distance from you. The dog GPS collar is dustproof and waterproof to withstand different weather conditions such as rain and storm.

Using this best GPS dog tracker, your dog will never get lost. Moreover, it features different color lights that help you find the dog during nighttime. They blink brightly, giving you indications from distances.

You don’t need monthly subscriptions because it is totally free with all of its features that can help you track your dog while keeping you worry-free.

Its battery timing is long enough to last more than continuously 18 hours. The GPS dog collar is equipped with a charger that can charge the device two to three times till it gets dead.

It is one of the best GPS dog collars that are super easy to set up—all you need to do is connect with your smartphone, and you can monitor your dog’s movements. You can set up your voice to call your dog in the GPS collar that helps your dog recognize your voice and follow your directions.

It is lightweight for your dog’s comfort and durable to last longer than you expect because the collar is waterproof and can withstand extremely tough weather conditions.

  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • Offers Wide Range of Distance
  • Easy to Use
  • No Variety of Colors

2.Whistle Go – Health & Location Tracker for Pets

Whistle Go – Health & Location Tracker for Pets – Waterproof GPS Pet Tracker, 10 Day Battery, Pet Fitness Tracker fits on Collar or Harness – Taupe

If you are worried about your dog’s health besides getting lost or losing track from home, try Whistle Go Health and Location tracker. It not only monitors your dog’s location but also provides health assessments.

You need to subscribe to their offered plans to get to know about your dog’s health. It provides nutrition consumption, calories, distance covered every day, and other health-related details to keep your dog healthy.

Besides giving health details, it also provides recommendations accordingly. Moreover, it tracks your dog from a wide range on Google map and AT&T nationwide network on Android smartphones and Apple devices.

The tracker is equipped with a long-lasting battery that provides more than 10 days of power without charging. So, you will be hassle-free from repeatedly charging the tracker that annoys you a lot. You can set various commands like getting notifications when the dog leaves the designated area.

It is lightweight, making it the best dog GPS tracker that is multi-functioning. You can consult the vet on a single vet if you find anything unusual on the device related to the dog’s health report. This way, you will be tracking your dog’s location and fitness to become entirely worried-free.

The tracker is compatible with dogs of all ages, especially with little dogs that are not trained not to leave home, and makes you worry a lot about getting lost somewhere. Overall, it is the best GPS dog collar that’s worth buying if you want to track your dog’s location and health.

  • Offers Health and Location Tracking
  • Compatible with all Smartphone Devices
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Provides Detailed Information about Dog’s Health
  • Equipped with a Long-lasting Battery
  • Health tracking comes with more money

3.Tractive LTE GPS Dog Collar

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker – Location & Activity Tracker for Dogs with Unlimited Range (Newest Model), White (TRNJAWH)

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Collar continuously monitors the dog’s location and keeps updating after every two seconds to give instant results without causing any trouble. This way, you will be updated instantly if anything goes wrong.

Otherwise, some collars provide late information that causes serious troubles. It comes with a subscription, but it will be the cheapest subscription offered by any best GPS dog collars provider. You can subscribe for longer terms to save more money.

Moreover, it tracks health as well as tracking live location. So, you can be updated about your dog’s health issues and take serious actions accordingly. You can share your dog’s location with your friends and family if you need to focus on anything else so they can take your job from a distance.

It provides all the locations your dog visited and all the activities performed. Its battery takes only two hours to fully charge and lasts for more than 2 days, which is quite satisfying for most users.

Also, the tracker is compatible with Android and Apple devices by connecting with the applications to see the tracking on Google map. The device automatically identifies the safe zone and notifies you instantly when the dog leaves that specified safe zone.

It is one of the best GPS dog trackers that come with all the necessary equipment to start using right away, such as a USB cable and manual. You can follow the step-by-step instructions on the manual to easily set up the device.

  • Provides Live Tracking
  • Provides Location History
  • Cheapest Subscription Plans
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Monitors Health Activities
  • You need to buy subscriptions

4.Loc8tor Pet Tracker

Loc8tor Pet Tracker | Tracking Cat Collar | Pet Tracking System | RF Tracking & Activity Monitor | No Monthly Fees | Cat & Dog Pet Finder | Includes 2 Transmitter Tags

Loc8tor pet tracker is one of the best dog GPS trackers that provide exact location because it features state-of-the-art RF-based technology. The tracker is well-known for providing the exact location that may vary about one inch.

The technology is used to ensure a specific location for the owner to notify them that it is helpful to find out your lost dog. These trackers are available in different colors that give you more color choices.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay more money for the subscription because they are not offering any. It saves a lot of money by providing all the features to track your dog for free. You can consider it a one-time investment and should not bother you if it costs you relatively more money during a purchase.

The tracker collar is compatible with dogs and cats that not all collars offer. The company claims it is an award-winning tracker that has saved thousands of cats and dogs from getting lost because of its technology.

Moreover, the tracker collar is super lightweight that makes it comfortable for the dogs to wear. Otherwise, some heavy collars make the dogs uncomfortable, and they refuse to wear them while biting or feeling irritated.

You can connect the device with Android and Apple smartphones to track your pet on Google map. It is very simple to set up and super easy to use, which does not require any expertise. Overall, it is one of the best dog GPS collars you can consider buying for your pet.

  • State-of-the-art RF-based Technology
  • Provides Accurate Location
  • No Subscription Fees
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Highest Quality
  • Batteries are not that durable

5.FitBark GPS Dog Tracker Collar

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker | Health & Location Pet Tracking Smart Collar Device | Small (17 g) & Waterproof | 4G LTE-M Real-Time US Verizon Coverage Nationwide | iPhone & Android Apps

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker Collar is designed for the dog parents to keep track of their pups to prevent getting lost and finding them in a few minutes.

It requires WiFi and Verizon LTE-M coverage in your area to make it work properly and get accurate results regarding your dog’s locations. You have to buy an affordable subscription, but you can get your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

The best dog GPS collar tracks health activities such as sleep quality, anxiety, distance calories balance, skin conditions, and overall health situation 24/7 to keep you updated to make necessary decisions regarding your dog’s health.

You can add multiple owners to the device that lowers your monitoring burden. The device is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones running older and newer operating versions.FitBark GPS dog tracker is lightweight yet rugged, tough, and waterproof for increased durability.

The tracking collar is hard enough to withstand different weather conditions such as rain and storm. The device is tested and then approved by 100+ research institutions, schools, and universities, including the University of Cambridge and the Mayo Clinic.

We can conclude, it is the best GPS dog tracker that you can consider buying to track your dog’s health and location continuously.

  • Cheap Subscription
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Provides Safety
  • Monitors Health
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Comparatively Short Battery Timing

Comparison Chart

GPS Dog CollarsTop FeatureRatings
PETFON Dog GPS CollarWaterproof and Dustproof4.2
Whistle Go Tracker for PetsOffers Health and Location Tracking4.1
Tractive LTE GPS Dog TrackerProvides Location History4.1
Loc8tor Pet TrackerState-of-the-art RF-based Technology4.0
FitBark GPS Dog TrackerMoney-Back Guarantee4.0
Best GPS Dog Collars 2021

Top Pick


All the reviewed Dog GPS Collars are the best devices to track your dog’s movement outside the house. Still, if we narrowed it down to one as best of the bests, we will go with PETFON Dog GPS Collar. The main reason is its subscription-free features that do not charge more money every month or year.

Still, if you are fine with paying some money yearly to get good services, it dominates other devices in providing a wide range of monitoring and long-lasting battery. Also, the tracker collar is dustproof and waterproof to withstand extremely rough conditions.

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If spending some money helps you with keeping your dog safe, then it’s totally worth spending. You will be worried-free about your dog besides keeping them safe.

We recommend buying the one that best suits your dog and does not come in handy in your pocket. Otherwise, all these best dog GPS trackers meet the customer’s needs in providing the best services to track the dog’s location.

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