Best Natural and Biodegradable Cat Litters

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Not all cat litters that claim to be biodegradable are actually biodegradable. That’s why you need to go for popular brands whose claim is true. We came up with the best biodegradable cat litters that are all made using natural material to ensure safety.

Also, they are easy to maintain and won’t spread bad odor. What’s most important is being dust-free to not leave tracks in your house and also provide a safe environment to breathe for a cat. So go through our list, and you won’t be fooled with non-biodegradable cat litter.

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Comparison Chart

TOP 5 Best Natural and Biodegradable Cat Litters

backpac Naturally Fresh Cat Litter – Walnut Naturally Fresh 4.5 Check Price
backpac Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter Low Maintenance 4.2 Check Price
cordlessblower sWheat Scoop Cat Litter Trustable Brand 4.6 Check Price
cordlessblower CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter  Very Little Odor 4.3 Check Price
cordlessblower Petfive Sustainably Yours Cat Litter Firm and Fast Clumping 4.1 Check Price

Can You Flush Biodegradable Cat Litter?

You can never flush biodegradable cat litter and feces even if the manufacturers say it’s okay to flush because of a few reasons. First, the cat litter and animal feces can cause clog or backup in the septic system. Second, it won’t be good for the municipal sewer system either. So, it’s better to use safe alternatives discussed further.

How to Dispose of Biodegradable Cat Litter?

Since we strictly forbid you to never ever flush biodegradable cat litter and neither do you throw it all away with your garbage, it’s our responsibility to come up with the easiest ways to dispose of biodegradable cat litter. Go through these simple ways and choose the one you find convenient.


Biodegradable cat litter and waste are useful for your garden, and that’s why we recommend composting it. Don’t compost it for a vegetable garden; if you only have a veggie garden, then compost it separately. Also, never compost it for nonedible plant life.


When you can’t make biodegradable cat litter useful in any possible way, it’s better to bury it. Remember to bury it away from the water source. It easily breaks down in close contact with the soil.

Dump in Woods

The last and laziest option is dumping in the woods — you might need to go far in case you don’t own some land. For everyone’s safety, including vegetables, fruits, animals, and kids, you might go too far to dump it in the woods.

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1.Naturally Fresh Cat Litter – Walnut

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter – Walnut-Based Quick-Clumping Kitty Litter, Unscented , 26 lb (23001)

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter – Walnut is so absorbing that it makes it less consumed when three other bags are consumed at the same time.

You don’t have to worry about dust as this one is dust-free to let your cat easily breathe. Also, the biodegradable cat litter doesn’t stick to the cat’s paws, which means it won’t track throughout your house while keeping everything clean.

The material used is 100% natural and eco-friendly to ensure safety for your cat and other family members.

  • 100% Natural
  • Eco-friendly
  • Dust-free
  • Absorbent
  • Naturally Fresh
  • Not Good Odor Control

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2.Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter

(2 Bags) Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter – Light-Weight, Non-clumping, Low Maintenance, eco-Friendly – absorbs, Locks and Seals Liquids for Best Odor Control.

Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter is one clump-free biodegradable cat litter that requires less maintenance. The cat litter is absolutely biodegradable, lightweight, and eco-friendly while reducing a cat’s carbon pawprint over time.

The company ensures to not include chemicals, odor-masking fragrance and is completely hypoallergenic. Since the litter is low dust, it won’t stick to your cat’s paw and never leave tracks.

As a result, there won’t be unhealthy licking and messy house tracking. Last, the litter absorbs urine in seconds while keeping everything dry and clean.

  • High Absorption
  • Non-Tracking
  • Low Dust
  • Low Maintenance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Expensive

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3.sWheat Scoop Cat Litter

sWheat Scoop Natural Fast-Clumping Wheat Cat Litter

sWheat Scoop Cat Litter is another biodegradable cat litter worth purchasing because of several benefits at a reasonable price. It features ion technology to eliminate ammonia and urine odor — not offered by any other litter in the same category.

Since the litter is made using wheat, starches and enzymes enhance clumping to prevent odor. The company ensures to not use any harmful chemicals, and instead, all-natural ingredients are used.

sWheat has been serving the pet industry with its quality biodegradable cat litter since 1994 to create a clean and safe environment for the cats and people living with the cat.

  • All Natural
  • Eliminates Odor
  • Trustable Brand
  • Farm Grown
  • Reasonable Price
  • A little dusty

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4.CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter

CatSpot Non-Clumping Litter: Coconut Cat Litter, All-Natural, 100% Organic, Biodegradable, Lightweight & Dust-Free (Non-Clumping, 2 Bags)

CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter is also top of the list among the best biodegradable cat litters in a heavy 5 pounds bag that lasts longer.

The company offers monthly subscriptions to save more money on each bag. Its more absorbent ability makes its 5 pounds equivalent to 20 pounds of other brand’s litter bag.

There’s no harmful chemical, and that’s why it’s said to be non-clumping litter to provide your cat a safe and eco-friendly environment. Also, it’s manufactured using recycled coconut coir, and that’s why it is lighter in weight.

  • All Natural
  • Lightweight
  • Safe and Eco-friendly
  • Chemical Free
  • Discounted Price
  • Could be messy

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5.Petfive Sustainably Yours Cat Litter

Petfive Sustainably Yours Natural Cat Litter, Large Grains, 13 lbs

Petfive Sustainably Your Cat Litter is made using cassava and corn plants that are completely natural and renewable. These two plants, when mixed, make odor-eliminating formulas to keep the litter odorless.

You don’t have to add chemicals and fragrances in this case to eliminate bad smells. Since the biodegradable cat litter is dust-free, there won’t be tracking in your house, and the cat can also easily breathe.

Its firm clumps trap all the odor and can easily be scooped without crumbling or breaking to make a mess for the cat parent.

  • 100% Sustainable
  • Odor Eliminating
  • No Chemicals
  • Firm and Fast Clumping
  • Dust-free
  • You may deal with baseline smell

Comparison Chart

TOP 5 Best Natural and Biodegradable Cat Litters

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter – Walnut Naturally Fresh 4.5 Check Price
Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter Low Maintenance 4.2 Check Price
sWheat Scoop Cat Litter Trustable Brand 4.6 Check Price
CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter Very Little Odor 4.3 Check Price
Petfive Sustainably Yours Cat Litter Firm and Fast Clumping 4.1 Check Price

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When a biodegradable cat litter is making your life a lot more convenient, then why not go for cat litter that is safe to use and then bury. Also, you don’t have to put more effort into keeping your cat’s litter clean as they are self-cleaned and absorbent.

So, we can conclude if spending a few bucks can make your cat’s maintenance a lot easier, it’s worth spending.

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