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Dogs are lovable creatures. Every dog owner wants to see his/her dog enjoying good health. Nowadays, a hot debate is going on everywhere regarding the use of Cannabidiol oil- CBD oil for dogs. Many dog owners show curiosity to know about the exact applications of CBD oil and its safety concerns in dogs.

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In this article, we will discuss the uses of Cannabidiol oil in dogs and related facts under the light of scientific literature and general field experience.

What Is Cannabidiol Oil?

Cannabidiol abbreviated as CBD is an active ingredient of the hemp plant (a cousin of the cannabis/marijuana plant).  This hemp plant contains a very low amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (a compound that has psychoactive characteristics). 

The use of CBD oil in the pet world is getting more attention these days because CBD oil gives lots of health benefits to your beloved canine friend.  Although, there is a need for extensive research in this area to dig out some more fascinating facts about CBD oil.

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How CBD Works In Dogs?

 Just like humans, dogs also have an endocannabinoid system (A system that comprises several receptors and monitors many important functions in a dog’s body, for example, regulation of balance, appetite, mood, sleep, body temperature,  immune function, reproductive activities,  perception of pain and much more). This is why; this system is considered one of the most important systems of the body.

This naturally occurring CBD oil interacts with the receptors present in the endocannabinoid system (because it molecularly resembles the endocannabinoid of the body). After interacting with the endocannabinoid system, it influences all the above given important functions of the dog’s body.

What Are Potential Health Benefits Of CBD Oil In Dogs?

 As discussed earlier, CBD oil gives many health benefits to your beloved canine friend. Here we have summarized some important health benefits of CBD oil in dogs:

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Anti-Cancer Properties:

 CBD oil has a magical role in fighting cancer. Many scientific studies have proved that CBD oil is effective in treating cancer in dogs (As you know more than 50 % of adult dogs get cancer).

CDB has a significant effect on mammary cancer; it kills the cancer cells by checking the energy-generating process of the cell. Over and above, this CBD oil also enhances the effectiveness of the other anti-cancer medications.   It has also been documented that CBD oil also decreases cancer-associated pain.

Note: Always talk to your veterinarian before using any compound, oil, medication in your dog.

Analgesic Properties: 

*Analgesic means- pain reducing agent.

CBD has significant analgesic properties. It reduces chronic and acute pain (Any kind of pain, either associated with any injury or nerve pain).  So, in dogs, it is a great solution to joint-associated pain.

Remember, joint conditions are very much common in dogs. For example, the two most important joint conditions are arthritis and osteoarthritis. Joint pain badly influences the overall performance of your beloved dog. This is why CBD oil is the best way to treat joint pain and restore the activity/mobility of your dog.

Anti-Allergic Characteristic:

 The anti-allergy properties of CBD have also been documented in the literature. It helps to relieve the dry, patchy and itchy skin due to an allergic condition in your dog.   So, if your dog is suffering from allergic conditions, you can consider using CBD oil in him. Note: it is always better to take consultancy from a vet before using any medication or product in your beloved dog.

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Management Of Neuropathic Pain And Seizures:

CDB oil is the best treatment for neuropathic pain. It also helps in the effective control of seizures in dogs. There is so much evidence that supports the use of CBD oil in managing epilepsy. It gives good results along with other anti-epileptic drugs.

Management Of Anxiety:

CBD oil also bears anti-anxiety effects. It significantly decreases anxiety and depression in dogs. This is just because CBD oil doesn’t carry much harm.  All along with that, CBD oil also effectively controls post-traumatic stress disorder in dogs.

Role Of CBD Oil In Arthritis/Joint Pain:

Arthritis is the inflammatory condition of the joints. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that make it perfect to cure the inflammation of joints and the associated pain. This can be concluded that CBD oil is the best option to be used in dogs with arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Note: Only use CBD oil under the consultancy of a registered vet.

Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs?

Generally, CBD oil is considered safe for dogs. There are only a few risks that are associated with CBD oil in dogs. But is always wise to discuss with a vet before giving CBD oil to a dog. 

Keep in mind, there is a lot of research that is under process in this area. However, there are a few side effects that have been reported in dogs.

Side effects:

 1) Lowered blood pressure.

2) Dry mouth

3)  Drowsiness

4) Diarrhea in some cases

Note: Higher doses of CBD oil can cause toxicity in dogs and can put your dog’s life in danger. This is better to use CBD oil only under the consultancy of a veterinarian.

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Is The Use Of CBD Oil Legal In Dogs?

Yes, CBD oil is legal to use in dogs. But Food and drug administration (United State of America) hasn’t given the guidelines regarding the dose and exact usage in dogs.

Keep in mind that, CBD is usually given orally to dogs. As far as the dose of CBD concerns, it varies from medical condition to condition, so it is better to discuss it with a registered veterinarian.

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CBD oil has lots of health benefits in dogs. It has the potential to treat anxiety, joint-associated pain, allergies, and cancer in dogs. There are so many questions about its safety concerns that are still unanswered but still, there is ongoing research in this area.

This is better to discuss with a vet before giving CBD oil to your dog. In case of any emergency, contact your veterinarian.

Note: CBD oil can never be an alternative to the medications which are specific for any condition in the dogs.

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Potential Dangers Associated With THC

THC is not considered safe for dogs.  THC intake can cause serious even life-threatening problems in your beloved canine friend.  This is better to seek veterinary consultancy immediately if you find THC toxicity in your dog.

Important signs of THC toxicity in dogs include loss of coordination, vomiting, depression, frequent urination, and respiratory troubles. It is also to keep in mind that THC toxicity can vary from dog to dog and also get severe if your dog eats other products (chocolate, coffee, etc).

Comparison Between THC vs CBD

It doesn’t have psychoactive propertiesIt has psychoactive properties (causes euphoria).
It is not considered toxic in dogs. It is considered a schedule 1 drug under US federal law.Toxicity is associated with the intake of THC in dogs.
It helps in the reduction of depression and seizures.It has no significant effect on depression and seizures.
CBD is found in higher concentrations in the Hemp plant (a relative of cannabis).It is found in higher concentrations in the cannabis plant.

Frequently Asked Question

Is CBD oil good for cancer in dogs?

Yes, it has great anti-cancer properties. It kills cancerous cells and facilitates the effective management of cancer in dogs along with other conventional medications.

Are any side effects of CBD in dogs?

However, there are a few side effects that have been reported in dogs. For example, diarrhea, dry mouth, drowsiness, and diarrhea can be caused by CBD oil.

Can I give CBD oil, if my dog has anxiety?

Yes, positive effects of CBD oil have been seen in dogs with stress and anxiety issues.

*Always talk to your vet before giving CBD oil to your dog.


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